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Theresa Voigt

Theresa Voigt

Grove St
Lilyfield NSW 2040

Servicing area: Lilyfield, Balmain, Inner West, Sydney, Lower North Shore

Theresa Voigt
Become who you were always meant to be.


Are you at a point where you need deep foundational change to occur?  

Are you ready to release patterns, beliefs, behaviours and fears which are keeping you invisible, small and unvalued?

Are you longing for more depth in your life, a richness that's been missing for so long?

Call me and chat about how I can help you..

About Theresa Voigt

About Me

I am a Healer, Soul Coach, and Spiritual Guide.

I am a deeply compassionate champion for your soul light and inner radiance that is waiting to find its way out into this world.

I specialise as a Mentor, Guide and Coach for those who wish to rekindle lost and forgotten parts of themselves. To help you bring those parts out into the world, allowing you to live closer to the calling of your soul.

All of my sessions are an alchemy of energy - working within the different parts of the Being to bring about a cohesive and balanced state.

I am here – for you

My experiences through life have placed me where I am today, where I can bring my deep spiritual practice, my daily rituals, my healing and my teaching – to you.

I have learned the true value of self-love, self-worth and self-belief; to be able to take control of my own life; to define and build who I am; and to heal my own story.

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Soul Healing Session and Channelled Conversation

My sessions with Theresa have been quite life-changing for me. When I go to see her, I am often stressed, anxious or upset by ‘life events’, and I always leave feeling balanced and calm with clarity to move forward. Theresa has helped me to release old patterns, so I can deal with situations more calmly. Theresa is a very gifted intuitive healer, with such a beautiful soul and warm heart. When I feel broken inside, she seems to put me back together.
Zena, Sydney Australia


Soul Healing Session

From my very first RAW balance session with Theresa I have felt safe, secure and pure love. The person that I am now is not the scared, teary mess that first walked into her beautiful sanctuary. I love the me that Theresa is helping me uncover and I love how fabulous I feel when I leave a session. Theresa has helped me see a path I never realised I could walk along and for this I will be forever grateful.”
Karina, Sydney Australia

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