Theresa Voigt

Annandale NSW 2038

Servicing area: Annandale, Balmain and the North Shore of Sydney, NSW

Focus area: Energy alchemy Spiritual teaching
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Every thought you produce, anything you say, any action you do, it bears your signature.

Theresa Voigt - Spiritual Mentoring

Are you prepared to listen to your Spirit, deepen your connection, and grow your life?

Spiritual practices and Rituals are the foundations of my own life and it is these that I offer to you here.

Together we walk the path of discovering all the ways you can bring your light forward into the world.

All Mentoring sessions are an alchemy of meditation, mindfulness practices and rituals.

Allow me to teach you the methods through which I am able to connect with my own spiritual team, and the support tools I use, which have become an integral part of the way I live.

Through Mentoring we can build a relationship: of trust, sharing, sympathy, development and expansion.

My role is to show you methods of seeing, thinking and experiencing relationships in the world so that you become more closely aligned with your own divine feminine nature.

It is through these practices that self-esteem, self-worth and self-belief develops and blooms.

You will be provided with exercises, techniques and tools in these areas:

    • Self Love and The Sacred Self


    • Grounding


    • Intention


    • The Chakra System and Energy


    • Meditation and Mindfulness


    • How To Connect To Your Guides


    • Cleansing and Protection


    • Affirmations


    • Being In Flow


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