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The Road Ahead Counselling Service

Debbie Lewis
The Road Ahead Counselling Service

We give face-to-face, phone or Skype appointments designed to help people in everyday life suffering make positive changes and boost well-being.

The Road Ahead Counselling Service - About

Debbie is a professional counselor who is gravitating to help those who are experiencing the solitary and difficult times that life can throw in our path without relent.

Having experienced difficult times personally, she is applying hard-earned wisdom along with technique to help treat depression, grief and abuse. Giving dedicated support and guidance to those sufferers who wish to improve their lives.

Debbie also blogs about stress, relationships, grief and her 20-year journey of skydiving around the world. She is based in Far North Queensland, Mission Beach, where she lives a peaceful life raising three children. Debbie is a member of the Australian Counselling Association.


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  • 30-minute Phone or Skype call

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The Road Ahead Counselling Service - About