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The Stress Less Coach

Cath Edwards

Springwood NSW 2777

The Stress Less Coach

We all experience stress. Sometimes it is hurtful to your life and dealing with it is different for everyone.

The Stress Less Coach - Stress Less

Stress Less

Cath Edwards is an author and a national trainer in Stress Management and has developed a system that assists individuals facing stress head-on and overcomes its overwhelming effects on their lives. Working closely with Cath you too are able to take back your life and live a happy, healthy, and free life once again.

Key Areas of Stress Treated

I Can Help You!

Whether you require a private 1-on-1 coaching session, sitting in the comfort of your own space, or you enjoy coming together in a group setting to share your experienced and feel that you are no longer alone, Cath has a range of program that will effectively help you to battle stress.

These include…


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