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The Tai Chi Club

Jan Lee

Pennant Hills NSW 2120

Servicing area: Pennant Hills & Australia wide

The Tai Chi Club

Tai Chi and Qigong Are Collections of Powerful Yet Peaceful Movements That Tune Our Minds, Nourish Our Bodies and Reconnects Us to Our Spirit. We Call It, "Moving Meditation".

The Tai Chi Club

Welcome to The Tai Chi Club

The Tai Chi Club was established in the 1970’s on the Sydney University Campus by a young group of students who came together to learn and harness the power of Tai Chi and Qigong.

Today, we live in an amazingly busy time and we understand the importance of finding focus, standing still, and taking the necessary time to centre and relax ourselves. We know that acquiring and practicing these skills is integral to sustaining a healthy and happy body and mind.

Tai Chi is what we do, we are deeply passionate about it and we strive to inspire people to experience and understand the power of this worldly and unique practice.

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