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The Taoist Qi-Gong Meditation School of W.A.

Barry Shane Wright

19 Rathmines Pl
Coodanup WA 6210

Servicing area: Servicing Mandurah 6210, and all surrounding suburbs 6210

The Taoist Qi-Gong Meditation School of W.A.

Powerful and Genuine Internal Qi Cultivation. Whole body internal cellular transcendence.

Want to become one of the best Qi-Gong teachers in Australia?   

Want to recive the best professional education in Qi-Gong instuction?

We provide it all here at this school with our Qi-Gong Teacher grading certification and education programme.

 A new Medical Qi-Gong practical class is now available for increasing your body's natural immune health responce system. (Respiratory-Lungs)


Levels 1 to 7 of Taoist Spiritual Qi Cultivation

  combined together with

   Levels 1 to 7 of Medical Qi-Gong Education.

Practical exam for each grading level held after 12 weeks of training once per week

3 months training = 1 full term.

One on one personal Qi-Gong training is also available upon request.

1.5 social distance rule applys at all times.


The Schools Medical Qi-Gong education computer cd,s Levels 1 to 7

(Requires Windows 10 with Adolbe Reader)

are now sent by mail to your home address.

Available at a small extra cost these are also now available on a USB 2.0 stick.


New location Practical classes.

Mandurah Coodanup Collage school oval.

Start time: 3.30pm


Beginner students can start at anytime during 2020, the school is closed in December and re-opens again in January of each year. 



Enrolment is taken by first booking a personal  appointment for youself.


(Request a Booking) 


A school enrolment form will then be mailed out to your home address.

You will need to supply 1 (One) recient colour passport size photograph of yourself along with your student enrolment fee of $40.00.



Practical: 12X$10.00 per person per class.

$120.00 AUD

Theory: Education CD 

$25.00 AUD or USB 2.0 stick $30.00


Total cost for starting at the school in 2020 is...

Student enrollment fee: 40.00 AUD

Classes x 12 = $120.00 AUD

Student Level 1 Education Theory Cd/r/ $25.00

Total:  $185.00

Or with USB 2.0 stick: $190.00. 



Practical Classes for all Levels are held at the Coodanup Collage School oval. 

Start time is at 3.30pm# 



Theory education study is done on your own computer at home using either your computer Cd drive (if you have one) or with your Medical Qi-Gong Education USB 2.0 stick Levels 1-7. One for each level.


Education and Training provided by Taoist Priest and Taoist Grandmaster:

Barry Shane Wright

Celestial Masters Linage 

   "Zheng Yi Dao"

Internationally recognised by: The Chinese Taoist Association. White Cloud Taoist Temple Beijing P.R.China.

The National Qi Gong Chi Kung Associaton USA

Please Note: We are a Professional Private Qi-Gong School with No Political connection. 

We do not speak "Mandarin" (Chinese language) here only Australian English.

We are the only Qi-Gong School in Australia that combines two (2) Qi-Gong School branches together that being Traditional Taoist Spiritual Qi-Gong and Traditional Chinese Medical Qi-Gong.

This gives our students a more comprehensive and complete system of training. Also We are the only Qi-Gong School in Australia That provides our students with professional Qi-Gong Theory. (How it works inside the body) not just the outside movments that are on all DVDs.   

The Taoist Qi-Gong Meditation School of W.A.

What We Teach


    • Levels 1-5 (Small Qi Circulation) 

    • Levels 6-7 (Grand Qi Circulation)

    • Levels 1-7 Traditional Taoist Neidan Qi-gong Training.

    •  Level 6-7 Is "Bone/marrow Washing Qi-gong".
    • (White blood cells Health Immunity Levels)


    • Advanced Taoist Golden Elixer Training Method
    • (Traditional Taoist Internal Alchemy)

    • Wei Qi Liao Fa Gong- Medical Qi-gong
    • (Qi Projection)

    • 1-7 Neidan Qi Re-enforcing Massage Techniques.
    • (Dao-Yin) 

Services Provided


    • Tao Te Ching Personal Guidance Readings

    • 5 Elements Feng Shui For Your Home/business 

    • Commission Based Personal Taoist Talismans

    • Taoist Interseading Chants (Shrine Rites)

    • Wei Qi Liao Fa Gong/ Personal Qi Healing

    • Wei Qi Liao Fa Gong/ Long Distance Qi Healing


    • Understanding Qi (Energy) Flow In The Meridians.

    • Understanding the flow from Wu-Wei to Wu-Ji to Yin/Yang.

    • Understanding The 5 Elements, and their relationships.  

    • Understanding Chinese Philosophy. (Harmony and Focus).

    • Understanding Chinese Energetic Healing.

    • Understanding Neurological Bio-Electricity (Brain Qi)

    • Understanding what is Jing,Qi, and Shen.

    • Understanding the Three Dan-Tiens. (Energy centers) 

Products For Sale 

    •  Student Education, CD-R. PDF/Adolby/foundation theory (for computer CD drive) or on USB 2.0 stick. 

    •  Student Education, CD-R. PDF/Adolby/Qi-circulation. 1-7 (for computer CD drive) or on USB 2.0 stick.

    •  Student CD-R's are $25.00 each or on USB 2.0 stick $30.00 each. Author: Barry Shane Wright © 2000.

    •  Levels 1-7 CD-R or USB only available to Registered Students.

    •  A practical exam must be passed for each grading level, before students are able to purchace The next higher Level CD-R or USB 2.0 stick. 

    •  Students School Uniform (shirt top only) Small to XXL. Minimum of 2 (Two) new students before new order is taken.


    • Taoist Feng Shui 5 Element Candels are now avalable for purchase for home use or for your buissness. 


Within the School 

White Dragon Medical Qi Gong Clinic 

    • Wei Qi Liao Fa Gong (Personal Qi Healing)

    • Qi Gong Tuina (Personal Qi Healing) 

    • Medical Qi Gong Health Assesments 

White Dragon Taoist Shrine, (Not open to the public) 

    • Zheng Yi Dao, Traditional Taoist Shrine Rites. 

    •  Taoist Chanting (praying)

    •  Interceding Chants for individuals on behalf of loved ones.

    •  Taoist Meditation.

Updates On Qi Gong Health Research

    • Ancient Internal Spiritual Qi Alchemy

    • Within The Body Our Method

5 -
The Water Is Placed Inside The Cauldron (Ding) Fire Qi Brings It To The Boil Creating Steam Wich Rises Your Refined Qi To The Next Higher Dan-tien.
4 -
The Breath (Reverse Cycle Breathing) Creates Ding
3 -
The Acid Breaks Down The Qi And Divides It Yin/yang
2 -
The Plant Has Absorbed Qi From The Sun, It Is Then Eaten And Burnt By Your Stomach Acid
1 -
the Ground Is Below Your Feet- Ground Yourself

5 -
Water-blue- Kidneys-yang/bladder-yin, Qi In Cells
4 -
Metal- Lungs-yang/large Intestines-yin, Qi In Breath
3 -
Fire-red- Heart-yang/pericardium-yin, Qi In Blood
2 -
Wood-green-liver-yang/gallbladder-yin, Qi In Plants
1 -
Earth-yellow-stomach-yang/spleen Yin, Qi In Ground

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Qualification Details

Bachelor of health Science: BA,hs, Traditional Chinese Medicine. (TCM) + sub course in (Medical Qi-Gong) in Semester 3 By the: Australian Collage of Natural Health Sciences. Graduated on 21/7/2000. 4 year course, Nationally Recognised Training. (Please Note) The Endeavour Collage of Natural Health/Perth Branch. brought out the Australian Collage of Natural Health Sciences in 2001, and after changed the 4 year course Name to "Bachelor of Acupunture" cutting out the Medical Qi-Gong component... they later moved the collage from Piccadilly Square in East Perth to where they are now at 170 Wellington Street, Perth 6000.

Ordination: Taoist Priest. Zheng Yi Dao. Celestial Masters branch, by Taoist Master: Li Wang, at the Pu-Xin Temple, Perth, Western Australia. on the 20/7/1999.

Coaching Principals Certificate: level 1. (NCAS) National Coaching Accreditation Scheme: Coaching Foundation of Western Australia. Australian Coaching Council. Inc. 3/10/1999.

Past Professional Memberships: Traditional Chinese Medicine Associations.

Australian Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association: East Perth, Western Australia.
2003-2010. Professional Membership, Qi-Gong and Tui-Na Therapy practitioner.

Service Categories

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