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16 Victoria st
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Servicing area: Central Coast NSW

Post Relaxation Pain relief ...
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Theta Healing can make changes to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues in your life

Ron Terry - Theta Healing®


What is ThetaHealing?

ThetaHealing is an therapy that:

  • Heals physical, emotional and spiritual conditions
  • Clears limiting beliefs that block success
  • Improves health, finances and more
  • Enhances peace and contentment
  • Brings about powerful transformations


ThetaHealing is a remarkable healing method discovered in 1995 by Vianna Stibal, a naturopath in USA. At the time, she had lymphatic cancer which was attacking the femur of her right leg. All conventional and alternative remedies had failed to make any progress in treating the condition. By using the techniques she used in giving psychic readings, she apparently brought about an instant healing of the cancer which to this day has not returned.

In recent years a bone specialist was consulted for a second diagnosis who, on examining the X-rays, declared, ‘the owner of that leg must surely be dead’!

Intrigued to know how this healing had worked, Vianna later found, with the assistance of a physicist using an electrocephalograph, that the technique she was using tapped into theta brain waves. Interestingly, they discovered that when she went into theta level, so too did her clients.

Vianna has now given well over 35,000 personal readings and healing sessions to clients and has taught ThetaHealing to people around the world for use in both self-development or to become ThetaHealing practitioners

How it Works

The reason ThetaHealing is so powerful is that it can quickly identify limiting beliefs and feelings that lie within the subconscious mind. These beliefs and feelings can not only be the cause of ill-health but can also prevent people from realising their full potential in other areas.

The process uses a technique to identify the deepest beliefs underlying an issue and then removes and replaces them with positive beliefs.
By reprogramming limiting beliefs and feelings at theta level the process can empower people to create the reality they really want in their lives.


Dear Ron,

Since I had a ThetaHealing session with you, I am amazed at the results. I know the session took place last year, however I needed to let time elapse to be sure that I actually had recovered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. As you know, I endured this crippling complaint for about four years.

I am so grateful that this healing was successful and I now lead a calm fruitful life. I wished to put this on record, which hopefully will inspire other people to accept some ThetaHealing to achieve the wonderful freedom from disease that I have experienced. I wish you many, many more successes on this journey.

Lyn Betar, Hawks Nest

I suffer from widespread muscular/skeletal disease. Five years ago after seeing my osteopath a severe muscle spasm developed across my back and over time my body became extremely tense. I had been unable to sleep well, constantly on medication and unable to wear a bra.
In January 2010 I received a ThetaHealing from Ron Terry. My consultation with Ron was for healing the muscle tension - at this time I hadn't realised that the muscle spasm and tension had become one.

I returned home feeling very relaxed and very tired. I slept up to 3 hours. My sleep was so deep that I thought it was the following day when I woke.

Today I continue to feel great and I'm sleeping well, I no longer need medication and I'm wearing a bra. I highly recommend ThetaHealing. It's life changing!

Debbie Alderman, Saratoga


The client attends a ThetaHealing consultation with either a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issue they wish to heal. The session does not involve counselling nor does it require the client to relate their personal history in any great detail. In fact ThetaHealing generally negates the need for protracted counselling.
Sessions are normally conducted in person in East Gosford. Phone and Zoom consultations are also available.

A typical session lasts about an hour; however the first session can be longer.

Consultation rate: $80


Qualification details

Theta Healing Basic, Advanced, Manifesting & Abundance, Intuitive Anatomy

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