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The Tapping Room

Tash Alexander

Sapphire Beach NSW 2450

Servicing area: Australia-wide & Coffs Harbour (face-to face)

The Tapping Room

Healing PTSD, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety & Stress

Online & face-to-face healing 

The Tapping Room

What is EFT?

Evidence-based Emotional Freedom Techniques

A technique to overcome trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety and stress.

EFT involves “tapping” on acupuncture points on the body, primarily on the head, face and chest in a particular sequence. While doing this, you focus on the issues you wish to heal. EFT appears to affect the amygdala (stress centre in the brain) and hippocampus (memory centre), and both play a role in the decision process when you decide if something is a threat. EFT has been shown to lower cortisol levels, which is the stress hormone. Too much cortisol can result in lowered immune function and ultimately affect our physical health.  Because Tapping is a tool which is practical, hands-on, and easy to apply, it is a unique way to assist people heal from the pain of trauma, anxiety and depression.
By eliminating the trauma and stress, EFT can enhance your ability to love yourself and others and find gratitude in your life.

Why tap?

It’s gentle, yet powerful

Healing happens quickly with EFT. Tapping on the acupuncture points sends a calming signal to the brain’s stress centre, healing stressful events and unwanted emotions, from the past, present and future.

With gentle techniques, your brain and body stops feeling overwhelmed and these results can be permanent. EFT has been scientifically proven to heal traumatic events, anxiety, depression and PTSD. Reconnected with yourself and feel present in your relationships.

Some of the many benefits of EFT
  • Rapid, long lasting results
  • Improved sleep
  • It is gentle
  • No side effects
  • Painless
  • No needles
  • No surgical procedures
  • No Pills or Chemicals
  • No drawn out ‘Tell me your life story’
  • Not touched by the therapist
  • Easily learned by anyone
  • Easily applied to yourself
  • Increased self-acceptance

Meet Tash Alexander

Tash is a trusted, accredited EFT International Practitioner with over 20 years experience as a healthcare professional. She is a Licensed Coach, Physiotherapist and a mother of two incredible teenage boys.

Through coaching and EFT, Tash bases her work on evidence-based EFT and is able to connect with you and bring emotional healing from stress, anxiety, depression and traumatic events. She is passionate about helping people quickly transform their thinking, their physical and emotional pain and their lives.

Tash brings kindness, professionalism, integrity, knowledge and experience so you can feel yourself again with her gentle techniques.

Your healing

Tash has a remarkable success rate, transforming both men and women very quickly. Often in 1 session, turning around the emotions of a traumatic event and well on the way to healing depression or anxiety by 10 sessions. Gone are the days of up to a year of counselling and long-term drugs being the only option. 

Evidence-based EFT Consultations

Zoom and Face-to-face

Individual Consultations- private & confidential

Discounted Packages

For greater healing 

Freedom Package of 4 sessions

Transformation Package of 10 sessions

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I am here for you and your mental health. Let's do this together,
Tash x


Qualification Details

With over 20 years experience as a healthcare professional, Tash is an Accredited, Certified EFT Practitioner with EFT International. She has studied Advanced Training in Evidence Based EFT with Dr Peta Stapleton, is a Licenced Coach with Coach U and originally studied Bachelor of Physiotherapy with LaTrobe University. Tash is currently undertaking advanced training in EFT.

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