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Julie Gunstone

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Julie Gunstone is an Educational Kinesiologist, lecturer, teacher and author who runs her own practice in Melbourne, called The Thinking Body.

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Servicing area

Glen Waverley, Victoria

Focus areas

Coordination Growth Handwriting Sports performance Stress management Relaxation

She creates programs to meet the distinctive needs of adults, teenagers and children. These programs help people move beyond old patterns and reactions and reconnect to their full intelligence, potential and vitality. To read more about these services just click here

Julie received an award in 1998 for her outstanding contribution of achievements to Edu-K from the International Edu-K Foundation. She is a member of the International Edu-K Faculty.


Julie draws on her extensive knowledge of Edu-K, including developmental movement, sensory integration, brain organisation, and body/brain coordination in her one to one sessions to create an environment where it is safe to create change in learning and living.

She uses the Edu-K balance format to assist clients to set a specific goal or something they wish to accomplish, or some potential they would like to develop. Julie then guides the client through a series of activities that are chosen to meet the specific needs that the desired goal requires.


As a member of the International Educational Kinesiology Faculty Julie is able to offer a number of courses in the training required to become qualified as a Brain Gym Consultant and Facilitator.

She teachers:
  • Brain Gym 101
  • Optimal Brain Organisation
  • Visioncircles
  • Edu-K In Depth
  • Brain Gym Teachers Practicum
As well as teaching accredited Edu-K training courses (see Training in Edu-K page and Edu - K Class Dates page) Julie also runs special programs for personal development. These include:
  • Regaining Your Sleep
  • Excellence without Burnout
  • Movement for the Mind
  • Brain Gym in the Classroom – see Brain Gym in the Classroom page.


“Brain Gym has given me an immediate and sustained improvement on my golf. My score immediately decreased by 10 shots.
- Rod, Graphics Designer

“I do my Brain Gym before school and I can focus more than I used to and am not in my own little world anymore. I used to dread maths and now I don’t.
- Tessa, a year 7 student

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