Thian Hom Thai Massage

Suite 1/174 High
Ashburton VIC 3147

Feet Tension Relaxation ...
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For a beautiful Thai massage experience in beautiful surroundings, book an appointment with Thian Hom Thai Massage in Ashburton.

Thian Hom Thai Massage


A traditional Thai massage is unlike any other. Expect your therapist to use passive stretching to manoeuvre you into gentle yoga-like positions. They’ll also apply gentle to high pressure with their hands and feet. A Thai massage will help relieve muscular and joint tension and is both relaxing and energising.They also offer oil based relaxation and aromatherapy massage too. Or how about a Thai foot massage to completely relax you?Whichever massage you choose, you’ll be made to feel amazing by the wonderful therapists at Thian Hom Thai Massage. So book your ticket to amazing today!


  • Traditional Massage

  • Relaxation Oil Massage

  • Aromatheraphy Oil Massage

  • Deep Tissure Massage Oil

  • Monton Thai Fusion Oil

  • Foot and Calf Massage

  • Facial Massage (Coming Soon)

  • Body Scriub (Coming Soon)

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Thian Hom Thai Massage