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Your body is made up of billions of cells, constantly turning over and changing. The power of your thoughts, the food you eat and the right movement is what controls your health. Let’s do it right together.

Core Health Group

About Lucy

I express my philosophy of health through Think, Eat, Feel because I genuinely believe the world can become happier through better health.

This blog is dedicated to my Mother, Judith and to you the reader who is interested in optimal health. There is so much ‘mis-information’ out there in the media about health that i feel this site is a place you can go to for the ‘real’ deal when it comes to movement, nutrition and stress management.

So I am downloading all that I can on how your thoughts, food and movement can enhance your health and happiness. I hope you soak up the goodness as much as I do!

What is the Think, Eat, Feel Philosophy?

No one will ever be able to tell you how your body feels as well as you will. So in order to be the healthiest you, you must stop, listen to your emotions, your muscles, your heart and you digestive system and accept what needs to be addressed. We need to learn to eat food as a form of medicine for healthy cell replication and turnover. We have been put on this earth because we work in synergy with the environment that surrounds us. As a surfer I love the ocean. For me, surfing is my way of connecting to nature. Staying connected to our natural surroundings is an important part of our health as humans on Earth.

Let eating become a positive experience that provides not just satisfaction from taste, but a healing experience from the inside out, with a healthy glow. Feel your body and notice where it doesn’t want to move, where it ‘catches’ and work through it. Find what movement and exercise prescription increases your energy levels instead of exhausting you to allow a stronger mental and physical body. I believe we all have the choice to be healthy, we just need to think, eat and feel our way there.

My personal health experience

There is no doubt that nutrition and exercise are key ingredients in a healthy and happy life. I just feel there is more to it than that for results to last. I feel we grow as people when we understand that being at optimal means loving you imperfections and treating your true self and your physical body with respect .

A Little About Me

After finishing University I ran a successful Exercise physiology/ Nutrition & Personal Training clinic in Byron Bay and Lennox Head, NSW , Australia from 2008 to 2015. During this time with the help of some amazing staff Pro Health Studio was able to treat many people from chronic lifestyle diseases to elite athletes and your weekend warriors.

But i came to a realisation that true happiness for me is to travel to follow the surf, live a healthy long life with family and friends and to be out in nature. Although Pro Health Studio was doing well, i was running the business because i was being told i should, but it didn’t actually make me happy. In fact I got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome trying to live the life i wanted as well as the one everyone else wanted for me. I soon realised Superwoman was a fictional character and something had to change.

Through my experience I began to look at life with a different perspective and with an open mind. I believe that the universe leads us down our life’s path, just like it has for some reason led you to read this page. It forced me to look at my life in a way that questioned my previous beliefs on how to live a long, healthy and happy life.

I now keep it simple with quality online consulting for those interstate or overseas clients and hands on therapy, exercise rehabilitation and nutrition consulting in person. My home in Lennox Head has recently changed to be closer to family near Bells Beach, Australia .

Qualification details

Bachelor of Exercise Science & Nutrition from Southern Cross University, NSW Australia.
Accredited Clinical Exercise Physiologist.
Owner/ Operator of Pro Health Studio Nutrition and Exercise Physiology Clinic, Byron Bay & Lennox Head.
Teacher of Cert. IV in Personal Training and Fitness at TAFE NSW
Senior Surf Instructor for Go Ride a Wave, Australia
Surf Instructor for Australian Surf Academy, San Diego California USA
Certified Group Fitness/ Aerobic Instructor since 2003
Certified Personal Trainer since 2004.
Massage Therapist since 2006.

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