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Unit 12
345 Lawrence Hargrave drv
Thirroul NSW 2515

Servicing area: Thirroul, Sydney, Coledale, North Sydney

Lifestyle Wellbeing Clinical hypnotherapy
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Our body tells a story for those who are willing to listen, and here is Thirroul Holistic Medical Centre, we do listen.

Thirroul Holistic Medical Centre - About

It is our policy at the Thirroul Holistic Medical Center to consult with your physicians or other health practitioners who may be interested in your treatment.  Our goal is to address the cause behind your health challenges, not focusing primarily on "symptom clusters" or medical diagnoses. These changes that occur through shifting diet and lifestyle may take some time to have effect.Medication may need to continue until such time as real healing has begun.The body’s natural speed of healing is often gradual, therefore patience and perseverance is needed. We're here to support you along this path.
At Thirroul Holistic Medical Centre, our goal is to make you the healthiest and most energized you can be. We want your mind to be clearer than in years, your inner light to shine brightly, your skin to shine, and your emotional state to be calm and happy. To reach such an ambitious goal requires that you commit to putting your wellbeing first. Sometimes the road to health is complicated, and full of ups and downs, but today's scientific knowledge makes it more attainable than ever.


  • General Practice
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Salt Therapy
  • Ashati Healing
  • Kinesiology

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