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Thresholds Art Therapy

Marita Jacobsson

1 Halford St
Castlemaine VIC 3450

Servicing area: Macedon Ranges & Mount Alexander Shires & Online!

Thresholds Art Therapy

Creative Arts Therapy for Adults, Adolescents and Children
A form of counselling using creative processes, even if you feel that you're not creative and can't do art. 

Thresholds Art Therapy

Creative Arts Therapist, Marita Jacobsson offers one-to-one & group sessions online and in Castlemaine at Thresholds Studio: Marita's new light filled studio and also in Kyneton, at a beautiful studio, with a serene garden view ~ both studios are in regional Victoria, Australia.
Dear Guest to this space, welcome warmly,
Perhaps you are seeking support with your life, your children or someone you care about. Or perhaps you work for an organisation and you’re seeking therapy for a person or group of people, in your care.
Here, I will give you a little overview of my work and approach and if you would like to know more, feel free to reach out and we can have an email or phone conversation.
I offer outreach to schools, homes and aged care centres in the Macedon Ranges and Mount Alexander shires (Victoria, Australia), plus online sessions. In addition to individuals’ self-funding their sessions, organisations such as Anglicare and Amicus fund me to support some individuals and groups needing therapy.
I work with children, young people and adult women, customising my work to individuals' intentions for therapy, wellbeing support and creative connections.

Presently, I support people navigating an array of challenges including trauma, anxiety, depression, self-harm, chronic illness, grief, anger, dementia and life purpose re-desiging. I work with a multi-modal arts approach (from my Masters training at MIECAT), companioning people to inquire into what they bring to their work with me, using an array of artistic mediums (including visual arts, writing, poetry, letter writing, photography, drama, dance, movement, textiles, sculpture, play etc.).

I am passionate about creative movement and therefore embodiment, so this medium of somatic (body-based) awareness is woven in according to people's comfortability, with bringing their bodies into the work. My work is trauma-informed and connected to; neuroscience approaches, Gestalt and Narrative Therapy influences and is now becoming even richer through 'Somatic Experiencing' learnings.
I also support individuals who are managing their own NDIS funds and others who are 'plan managed’ and have chosen to experience Art Therapy with me, as part of their NDIS plan. Soon I will be an NDIS Provider, so drop me a line to see if you're eligible to use your NDIS package for sessions with me, now or when I finally have my NDIS Provider Number!
I am offering you an introductory conversation to see if my approach may be the right one for your child/young person, for yourself or for someone in your care. I offer online sessions if distance is an issue and due to the coronavirus. If you're curious to know more, reach out and lets start the conversation.
However, if you decide I am not the right person after our conversation, I will try my best to connect you to other amazing professionals, hoping you will find the right one for your needs.
With kindness,



Qualification Details

Bachelor of Nursing (Hons)
Graduate Diploma of Experiential & Creative Arts Therapy
Master of Arts in Experiential & Creative Arts Therapy
Melbourne Institute for Experiential and Creative Arts Therapies (MIECAT)

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