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Tanya Routley

Level 1, 163 Glenferrie Rd
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TLC Natural Health Works
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TLC Natural Health Works

Welcome to TLC Natural Health Works

I am so excited that you're here and that you're discovering our services and programs! My name is Tanya Routley and I'm the founder and director of TLC Natural Health Works and the SMILEkit Program for Parents and Happy Mums Happy Kids Programs.

I'm an accredited and certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner, Massage Therapist and SleepTalk Consultant, trained by Joane Goulding. I am also a trained teacher and mum of two gorgeous kids (yes, of course I'm biased!), extremely passionate about helping today's kids grow up with a more confident and positive view of themselves so that they can deal better with whatever hardships they are facing or hurdles they may need to overcome.

I've combined over two decades of education, training, work and personal life experience to develop what I believe are life-changing programs and it's my absolute passion to draw on all of this to provide guidance and support to parents, kids and families.

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TLC Natural Health Works was founded in 2002 and is a multi-disciplinary natural health clinic with an experienced and very passionate practitioner team committed to restoring and maintaining your natural state of health and wellbeing.

At TLC we have created a very calming and peaceful retreat that allows you to momentarily escape from the hectic pace of everyday life and focus on what is really important – you and your family!

Our TLC practitioners provide the perfect balance of professional and personalised service. They adopt an individual and holistic approach to health care and go out of their way to meet the needs of their clients.

Our services include:
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Massage
  • Psychology
  • Chiropractic
  • EFT/Tapping
  • NLP
  • SleepTalk
  • SMILEkit Program for Parents

Happy Mums Happy Kids Programs

Being a kid can be tough, but being a parent, I'm sure you'd agree, although amazing and a blessing, can be a tough gig at times and take a big toll on every aspect of your life.

On a daily basis, many of us carry an extremely busy workload. As well as managing the kids and their increasing range of commitments and demands, many mums are also working outside the home full or part-time.

Most mums I know prioritise everyone else's needs before their own. That's being a good parent, right?! But let me ask you can you pour from an empty cup?

In my personal and professional experience experience, mums are the pillar of the family; the ones who hold it all together. When we aren't coping or are feeling super stressed and yelling all the time, everything and everyone suffers! On the contrary when we prioritise some time to invest in ourselves and feel happier for it, children learn that looking after yourself is important, relationships improve and the whole family benefits. I remind myself of this every time I take a flight and hear the oxygen mask safety message... you can't help your kids if you don't help yourself first!

Let's face it, most of us need more balance and need to take better care of ourselves. We need to be physically and emotionally fit, not only to keep up with our kids and the hectic pace of life, but also to be good role-models for our kids. Many of us suffer from stress &/or anxiety and carry other negative emotions like anger, frustration, guilt and limiting beliefs of not feeling 'good enough'.

For these reasons and more, I have developed programs especially to support mums, to help them find themselves and their passions again. To also gain more balance, be at their best and free themselves of any emotional burdens &/or traumas from the past.

You will love these programs and the feeling of renewed confidence and self-esteem you gain as you work towards your life goals, whatever they may be. Take a positive step forward today and invest in yourself (emotionally and physically), not only because you are worth it, but because it will pay dividends for generations into the future.

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Tanya Routley
Clinical Hypnotherapist
0425 777 837

Michelle Bartlett
Remedial Massage Therapist
Pregnancy Massage
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
0414 942 708

Catherine Lotrionte
0438 090 084

Jeff Roberts
0431 679 591

Dr. Ian Niven
Integrated Health Care
Applied Kinesiology
Chiropractic Neuro-Rehabilitation
0411 445 680

For more information about our services or our programs, or to make an appointment, connect with us via phone, email or Facebook

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