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To Become One

Antoinette Thompson

Beaumont Hills NSW 2155

Servicing area: Servicing the Hills District including Beaumont Hills, Kellyville, Rouse Hill. Online consults also available

To Become One

To Become One Intuitive and Holistic Healing

Services Offered

Intuitive Healing

Through channelled guidance received to serve your highest good, I utilise my intuition and mediumship skills to "tune into" where you may require healing and release. Identifying areas that are holding you back or no longer serving your highest path. Even finding the source of these limitations so  you can become free from these barriers and at the same time gain a fuller understanding about from where they originated.

During this process I use various tools and techniques, that are adapted specifically for each client. Here are some of them:

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Reiki literally means Universal Life Force. I act as a conduit to transfer source healing energy to you through the laying of hands. Reiki has the power to heal on many levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki can also be given via distance. So if you are not located around my practice address, please know that Reiki can be transferred via Distance Healing anywhere in the world. Distance is no barrier.

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Chakra Assessment and Balance

Chakras are energy centres in a body, that together distribute energy through our being. We have hundreds in our body, but essentially I work with the seven major chakras.

  • Base
  • Sacral
  • Solar Plexus
  • Heart
  • Throat
  • Third eye
  • Crown

Each chakra is related to different parts of our physical body as well as our behaviours, beliefs or characteristics. Sometimes we can have stagnant energy, too much energy, or not enough energy in any or several of our chakras. I identify these areas through assessment and then apply healing techniques to shift the energies back into equilibrium. This will help you move forward to a more balanced, fulfilled life.

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Aura Assessment and Maintenance

Our Aura is the energy field that emanates around us. Our Ethereal body consists of many different layers. Throughout our day we are exposed to many different energies and sometimes they may not be positive ones. Are you someone who absorbs people's energy? Do you feel exhausted at the end of the day?

I am able to assess the strength of your aura and if your aura contains any "leaks" or "tears" that may allow negative energy to be absorbed into your chakras.

If so I can then apply healing techniques to your aura and show you some simple ways to protect and revitalise your Aura to maintain maximum energy.

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Working with Archangels

Archangels are beautiful higher energies that are waiting for us to ask for their help so we can transform into our higher selves. I work with the Angelic energies to enhance your healing experience. I call on the Archangels to be with us during the session so we can tap into the highest form of energy healing possible. Did you know that each Archangel has its own coloured ray of healing? You may be already tapping into this pure energy just by having a favourite colour.  Each Archangel has their own specialty when it comes to asking for guidance and healing. They are there waiting for us to engage.

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An Ancient practice that reveals our soul code. Through a series of calculations using your birth date and your birth name, we can uncover the answers to many questions.  Would you like to find out what your life path number is? How about soul number and destiny number? These can all be revealed through Numerology. Finding out this information can give vital answers to many questions you may have about why do I exhibit certain qualities, why am I drawn to a particular career etc. These answers can be all found in your numbers.

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Past Life Regression

It is said that we have many lives, and we keep on reincarnating till all of our Karma (life lessons) has been released and we have attained the highest form of consciousness - Enlightenment. During the process of life and death, we make what we call "soul contracts", and each time we reincarnate, it is possible that we also bring in with us past hurts, blocks, desires, talents or relationships.

Often we have the desire to understand why we have certain beliefs, drawn to certain places or people, fears, talents etc. Past life meditation can be very useful to go deeper into ourselves and connect with who or what we were in our previous lifetimes. This information can help us to accept who we are, heal and move forward to become the highest version of ourselves that we can possibly be. Would you like to know who or what you were in a past life?

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Esoteric Communication/Mediumship

As spiritual beings on a human experience, we all have psychic ability, it is whether or not we choose to develop and embrace it. Esoteric communication is what we call 5D communication , intuitive communication. Essentially it means soul communicating, whether it be connecting with your spirit guides, soul group, higher self or spirit.

Sometimes during healing sessions we are able to connect and communicate within 5D, receiving channelled messages from our guides or our loved ones in spirit. It is always comforting to know that our loved ones never truly leave us. Do you have a loved one in spirit you would like to connect with?

We also offer guided one on one meditations to help you connect with your spirit guides. Connecting with our guides helps us to realise that we are never alone and they can help us to connect with our intuition and higher self.

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Oracle Card Readings

Despite the general consensus, Oracle cards are not used to predict the future. I use oracle cards as an intuitive tool perhaps to highlight challenges, barriers, imbalances or situations. There are numerous spreads we can do depending on what your individual needs are. You may be experiencing difficulty in one of your relationships for instance. I can use the cards to help give guidance regarding this situation and a possible plan of action. Combined with the cards, I will tune in and relay messages that are for your highest possible good for the present and perhaps the future. It's up to you to ask the question.

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