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Feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed or can't sleep? Or perhaps you have tried meditating or want to start but don't know how? Tom's Vedic Meditation course will teach you how to meditate deeply in the first few sessions. You will feel much calmer, happier and sleep better. Contact Tom to find out more.

Life Coach for Individuals and Groups

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Sydney, Bondi, Eastern Suburbs

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Face to face appointments Group meditation Adult meditation sessions Meditation techniques Meditation teacher Corporate meditation

Whether it is learning to meditate, overcome blocks and self-sabotaging patterns, or building a soul-led conscious business, Tom is your guy. He offers a range of programs to suit your needs and make your life better in every way. Working with Tom is a life-changing experience as you can see below by the testimonials. 

You will feel lighter, happier, healthier, have more purpose and passion in your life, find more success, experience more love and feel in flow with life. You came here for joy and love, but often we get off our path and lives circumstances can move us a long way from that state. With Tom's help, you will find it again.

Through his training and coaching, he has helped thousands of individuals all over the world to meditate, break through blocks, and transform their lives. Over the years, he has spoken on stages in Mexico, Bali, the USA, Australia, and Kuala Lumpur. Furthermore, he presented to top-tier companies in Australia, like Nova FM, CBA, Qantas, Coca Cola and Fairfax Media.

Contact Tom and explore how he can help you today.

What others say about Tom's work:

"I am beyond grateful to be working with you.” Shirley Winton
"I’m finding such value in your coaching!” Kara Goodwin
"Best decision I made for my business.” Soelae Riley
"I am quite amazed with this meditation technique, it's unlike anything I've ever experienced before and am very excited to have found it at such a young age and continue it throughout my life.”  Adriana Spaseska
"I did your meditation class at the beginning of the year and can I say that it’s been life changing. I have been blown away by the peace and calm.” Lydia Grbevski
Services Offered
Private Coaching

Tom designed his private coaching program for coaches, healers, teachers, and influencers who want to launch a purpose-driven business but don’t know where to start.

Through one-on-one coaching sessions, guided reflection, and spiritual mentoring, you can: 

  • Determine your genuine life’s purpose and clarify your vision
  • Overcome the mental barriers that are preventing you from moving forward
  • Start your own conscious business with a clear path to success
Group Coaching

Tom’s unique Transformational Leadership Development Program, Zen Academy, brings out your inner leader and helps you realise your full potential as a creator, leader, and teacher.

The program includes: 

Live group coaching sessions with Tom every two weeks.
Unlimited access to Tom and virtual support from the Zen Academy community
Lifetime access to all program modules, including videos, workbooks, and materials to help you awaken and grow.

Meditation Online Course

The Faster Deeper Bliss program is a groundbreaking video-based online program that will allow you to achieve rapid results in a short amount of time.

It’s called Faster Deeper Bliss because you:

  • Use what “feels” like a random vibration to send higher frequency vibrations directly to your subconscious, soothing your mind like never before.
  • Can experience greater Being, resulting in inner serenity and outer peace.
  • Will feel significantly more connected, relaxed, and efficient.
Meditation  Live Course

Tom teaches Deep Meditation, a type of transcending meditation that employs primal sounds or mantras. The course provides you with your own unique mantra or sound to repeat for 20 minutes inside your head.

This includes: 

  • A four-session meditation training, 2 days for groups
  • Lifetime membership in group meditations and mentoring conducted every Monday
  • Access to future refresher workshops
  • A gift bag
  • Spirit and Soul - Exploring The Seven States of Consciousness Book
  • Path To Peace Book
  • Learn a lifelong soothing and energising technique!
Meditation Teen Program 

Chill Out Meditation is a blend of old meditation traditions and modern technology, allowing the world’s young to experience what monks in the Himalayas have for thousands of years, which is deep stillness.

Youth in today’s society will be taught how to meditate properly, why not being able to clear your mind implies you're doing it correctly, and how to practice and enhance their meditation on a daily basis.

Please see Tom’s website for a comprehensive list of services or contact him now for more information!

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