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Total Health Brookvale

32a Orchard Rd
Brookvale NSW 2100

Servicing area: Northern Beaches, Sydney

Total Health Brookvale
Our Yoga and Pilates classes at Total Health Brookvale focus on energy, balance, flexibility, strength and relaxation.

Total Health Brookvale Yoga & Pilates

Our qualified Pilates and Yoga instructors are friendly and approachable. They will make sure you receive individual attention at each and every class, to help you learn or improve your Pilates or Yoga practice.

We also specialise in Clinical Pilates and Pilates Personal Training, which provides an extra level of attention, care and guidance.

Every Yoga and Pilates class at Total Health is a unique experience; you may be surprised at how much better you’ll feel after every class, and at how quickly your fitness and your body start to change as a result.


At Total Health we tailor our Pilates classes to your specific needs and goals. We incorporate mat work with Pilates reformer equipment to help you develop better posture, strength and confidence in your body.

Each class is unique responding to our clients needs as we put you through a range of exercises designed to bring alignment of the mind and body allowing you to leave your worries behind.

We offer Pilates mat classes, reformer classes and pre-natal Pilates.


At Total Health you’ll experience our dynamic approach to the teaching and practicing of Yoga. We emphasise a balance of alignment and flow, in a harmonious, connected and energising practice. Meditation and breathing techniques are an important aspect of each class as well as the development of your personal Yoga practice.

your yoga will help to balance and strengthen the body, and to calm the mind. You will develop strong and supple musculature creating both stability and fluidity in movement. With control and awareness the range of motion through joints is increased, creating a balanced, comfortable and healthy posture. Integration of the mental with the physical is achieved through the connection of breath and movement. Bodily balance is restored and strength and suppleness are regained, or maintained.

We offer classes catering to each stage of your progression, from beginner through to an advanced practitioner level. In class you’ll receive the appropriate guidance, correction and adjustments to nurture and progress your practice, and deepen your understanding of Yoga. When necessary you’ll be shown how to use various yoga props correctly, to facilitate awareness and safety in your practice.


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