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Total Healthcare Naturally - Lisa McLean Naturopathic Clinic

Lisa McLean

1 Nott St
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Servicing area: Mackay, Queensland


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Total Healthcare Naturally - Lisa McLean Naturopathic Clinic

Naturopath, Nutritionist, Biomesotherapist, Remedial massage therapist, Bowan therapist, RN. Ayurvedic Retreats

Accredited member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS), AHPRA

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Total Healthcare Naturally - Lisa McLean Naturopathic Clinic

I have been working in the health industry for 30 years, firstly as a registered nurse in the intensive care and coronary care speciality. Which lead to my interest in preventative medicine, this in turn paved the path to Naturopathic medicine. I now run a dynamic and progressive Naturopathic clinic in Mackay, after spending most of my formative years living, practicing and lecturing in Sydney. Whilst I adhere to the principles of naturopathic medicine, I draw on the most up to date innovations and research, to assist me in formulating the best treatment protocols for the people I work with.

My success as a naturopath is due to my ability to meet you where you are on your journey, then with great care and wisdom, gently guide you towards and onto a path of health and vitality. I draw on a vast body of knowledge to promote your individual understanding of your own state of health, whilst allowing you to learn and experience your journey at a pace that suits you.








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    Naturopathy Consultation
    Your first naturopathic consultation will take one hour. It is a time for us to get to know each other. I will take a comprehensive case history, including a health appraisal, assessment of body signs including tongue, nail and hair, and of course Iridology. I will assess your zinc status, along with a nutritional assessment. I offer an extensive range of diagnostic testing services which I will recommend as needed.

    Your individual treatment will consist of either Herbal medicine, Nutritional supplementation, Homeopathic medicine, flower essences, along with a treatment plan including dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

    I have expansive knowledge and experience in treating a wide range of conditions, but my special areas of interest include

    Chronic fatigue and adrenal exhaustion
    This is the disease state of our time, very often caused by years of not listening to your body and making corrective action in the way you manage and live on a daily basis. Latent viruses such as the glandular fever virus can also cause this chronic state of fatigue and exhaustion. If you have been feeling exhausted for far too long, its time to do something about it.
    Call now to book an appointment to begin your journey back to vitality.

    Woman’s health including hormonal imbalances, preconception and pregnancy care, PMT and natural management of menopause.
    We live in a society that mostly doesn’t stop for anything (except the Melbourne cup), but our society is not governed by hormones, unlike your bodies. So isn’t it time you started to learn about your hormonal life, and how to work with your hormones to create balance in your life. If you have ever experienced PMT, conception challenges, post partum blues or depression, or menopausal hot flushes and irritability just to name a few, then this message is for you.
    Book your appointment today, and I will show you the way to a happier relationship with your hormonal cycle.

    Mental health – Stress related illness and Depression
    If chronic fatigue is the disease state of our times, then depression and stress related illness stands just behind it. Life is not as simple as it was in the past, you have more stresses to deal with constantly in this fast moving life. There are more demands on your time, energy, and bodies than you are prepared to deal with long term, and you can only sustain that state without some decline for a limited period of time. Happiness is a transient state at best, but it is sold in various guises in the media, as something that can be bought. If you would like to learn how to create your own sense of peace and tranquillity, and a happiness that flows naturally, then know that it all begins with what you do on the inside and extends to the outside. Often emotional imbalances can be corrected with nutritional therapy with results being seen within one to two weeks. So if you have been feeling out of balance emotionally, feeling irritable and angry or sad and weepy for too long, then know that I can help. Call me today to discuss how I can help you.

    Cardiovascular health
    Cardiovascular disease initially lead to my interest in preventative medicine many years ago. One of the things I noticed as I nursed heart attack patients through the darkest hours of their illness, was how incredibly surprised most of these people were to find themselves in the position they were in. This was in the days when it was thought that simply a high cholesterol level was one of the only precipitating dietary factors in this disease process. Since then nutritional medicine has made fantastic discoveries about how to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease. This is exciting for me, as I have always promoted the concept of creating a state of optimal health, and when dealing with the heart, our life pump one can never aim too high. So if you are worried about your cardiovascular health, or if you have a family history of the disease, or even if you know you have made lifestyle choices in the past that would put you in the high risk category, then now is the time for you to act. That look of surprise is one I wouldn’t want for you. Call me now for your Cardiovascular risk assessment.

    Digestive Health
    There is a naturopathic concept stating that the Gut is the root of all disease. Whilst this sounds far fetched, after years in naturopathic practice I can see that it is an essentially true concept. Like the old adage “If you don’t eat, you don’t poo, and if you don’t poo, you die!”
    Your gut is a long tube going from your mouth to your anus, with various twists, bulges and turns, which breaks down and assimilates our food for our body to use. It turns the food into a useable state, and discards the unusable or toxic by products. If there is dysfunction at any stage of this digestive process, there will be repercussions felt throughout your whole body. The end digestive product can be seen in the toilet when you have a bowel motion. Although this is perfectly obvious on one level, a lot of people fail to see the connection. So many people live for years or in some case’s all of their lives with signs of poor digestive health. Some of the more common symptoms I see include long standing constipation or conversely daily or at least regular diarrhoea or partly digested food in stools. Bloating is another prevalent one, and of course heart burn and indigestion. An inability to eat fish and chips or roast lamb without suffering burping and feeling slightly nauseous is very common if you are having difficulty breaking down fat.
    If this is sounding like you, then I urge you to address these signs your body is giving you. It is a mistake to think of antacids or laxatives as the answer, for you need to get to the cause of the problem, and this is where I can help you.
    Call me now to discuss how I can help you with your digestive problems.

    Your Immune system is like the armed forces of your body. It is there to mount an attack when threatened with invasion. But like an army kept on the front line for too long, the immune system can become compromised, and start to rebel or refuse to fight. I see the consequences of this immune state daily, in people always sick with colds and sinus, people who pick up every bug passing by; people who hate spring time due to the hayfever they know will be coming. So if you are one of these people whose immune reactions prevent the joy of smelling the spring roses, then why not do something about it. I know how much better you can feel, and I want that for you, so give me a call now to arrange for your appointment.

    Weight and Fat Loss
    We are becoming a nation that rivals America in the Obesity stakes, and Qld has the proud achievement of leading the race. I notice in practice how unconsidered a lot of our food choices are. How we grab something quick to fill the void, and how easy this is to do when we are constantly bombarded with fast unhealthy choices. Before we know it our clothes don’t fit, and we don’t recognise the person looking back at us from the mirror. We develop ways to avoid confronting our larger selves, we avoid mirrors and cameras, we buy larger clothes, and hide away from ourselves and life, and the slippery slope to obesity has begun.
    I can help you to turn this around with a scientifically validated fat loss program which will see you shedding up to 2 kg of fat per week. Your progress will be measured and monitored as you progress.

    Food as medicine
    I have always held a great passion for good food, yet as I speak with clients about their diets, I am often surprised at how limited most peoples diets are. I have noticed that most people eat only 5 to 7 different meals. These meals are then rotated each week, with no consideration to seasonal changes in produce and cooking styles. So I aim to open your mind to the possibilities of a variety of great healthy foods, to be used to bring balance and healing to your body and your taste buds. I draw on many traditions in this process, from the Japanese Macrobiotic, to the ancient Indian tradition of Ayurveda, to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and of course the new western tradition of nutritional medicine. I am in the process of putting together a healthy cooking class, but before that is up and running, I can work with you one on one to help you to develop food choices that excite both your body, mind and soul.

    If you look at most traditional societies, you will notice there is always a time for cleansing in their yearly cycle. A time for cleaning out the village, the temple, and the body. In the Australian culture we have the spring clean of the house, yet your bodies are most often left to carry the toxins around year after year without a good clean out. This clean out of toxins is what we call a detox or detoxification. The liver is your natural detoxification organ, detoxifying both internal and external toxins naturally in normal circumstances. However the liver can become overworked due to environmental toxins such as chemical and heavy metal exposure, regular alcohol, poor diet, and many other factors. This is when you will benefit from a comprehensive bowel and liver detoxification. I find the detox process naturally promotes a willingness to reassess lifestyle choices, our relationships with ourselves and the world, and emotional patterns that are not working for us. So if you have never done a detox program, I encourage you to consider how it would feel to clear out all of the things that are dragging you done, both physically and emotionally. It feels to me like a crystal clear ball of energy, from which you can create the life you want for yourself. If this is something you would like for yourself, call me today to see which detox program would be best for you.

    Management of Musculoskeletal pain and inflammation
    You’d be surprised how many people I see, who are the walking wounded. Often the result of sporting injuries, accidents, or lifting trauma, resulting in long-term aches and pains, and compromised movement. These essentially prevent people living their lives with the grace and ease most people desire. The pharmaceutical solutions have become increasingly problematic with the non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs causing gut irritation and ulceration, and the newer group drugs the Cox 2 group, raising the risk of heart attack and stroke. So if you are one of these walking wounded, don’t despair, there are a lot of very effective natural antiinflammatory treatments that can help you jump back to full health and movement. In addition to the nutritional and herbal treatments for musculoskeletal pain, I use the Bowan Therapy techniques and Remedial massage to stimulate the body to heal itself.

    The Naturopath deals with internal health problems, metabolic disorders and imbalances, through treatment of the whole person. In general a wide range of diagnostic techniques are employed to assess causative factors, and treatment may involve dietary changes, herbal medicines, homeopathy, bodywork or nutritional supplementation.

    Classical herbal medicine utilises the Hippocratic principles of treating the person, not the disease; evaluating your whole life style as well as the emotional and circumstantial environment you find yourself in, not just the physical symptoms. Individually applicable herbal extracts and tinctures are then prescribed for you. In addition to classical herbal medicine I also draw on the herbal traditions of Indian Ayurvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

    Homeopathy is a method of medical treatment designed to stimulate the body's own healing processes in order to cure illnesses. It is based upon the discovery that a substance in small doses may alleviate symptoms similar to those it causes at higher doses. The phrase "likes are cured by likes" is often used to describe a basic concept behind homeopathy.
    Thus, the two cornerstones of homeopathy are that "likes are cured by likes," and that the remedies are properly diluted to eliminate or minimize their toxic effects.
    In homotoxicology, diseases are considered to be ultimately caused by toxins, whether toxic chemicals, bacterial exotoxins, biological endotoxins, post-traumatic cellular debris and also byproducts of the bodies metabolic processes. Furthermore, disease symptoms are said to be the result of the body's attempt to heal itself and should not necessarily be suppressed.
    In Homotoxicology, homoeopathically manufactured combination products are designed to work with the body's defence mechanisms and facilitate the body's elimination of toxic substances. When used in combination formulations which contain measurable amounts of homeopathically-prepared active ingredients, they can be utilized by Physicians to treat specific indications. Combination homeopathic products in Homotoxicology are easy to understand and use for health care practitioners trained within the conventional medical paradigm, as well as those trained in nonconventional medicine.
    Homotoxicology is a bridge between orthodox medicine which has a focus on tissue integrity and homoeopathy which has a focus on the systemic effects of imbalance within the person. Homotoxicology can provide a framework to understand its effect at the tissue level, furthermore it can provide health care solutions which may be used alone or used to complement orthodox treatment without drug interactions.

    Biomesotherapy is a new therapy consisting of the use of homeopathic products and the stimulation of specific points in the body with a saline solution.

    The treatment of disorders and disease with specific nutritional substances to correct or prevent an imbalance, and to correct the daily nutrition so that once biochemical balance has been achieved through supplementation, it can be maintained with the diet.

    Remedial massage incorporates scientific massage techniques to alleviate discomfort and pain in your body’s musculo-skeletal system, which in turn enhances your whole body.

    Reflexology is a powerful therapy in its ability to work with both the circulatory system and the lymphatic system. It involves the stimulation of pressure points on the feet or hands to assess and treat many ailments.

    Iridology is a means of analysing the condition of body tissues and detecting hereditary weaknesses or dysfunction, often before they appear in the body, by studying the texture, colour and patterns of the Iris.

    Bowan therapy is a gentle form of body work in which very subtle moves performed over the muscles and connective tissue send messages deep into the body, retrieving cellular memory of a preferred, relaxed, balanced way of wellbeing. Results can be remarkable, even from the first session; often only a few sessions are needed to correct the presenting problem.
    The technique addresses not only the musculoskeletal framework, but also the fascia, nerves and internal organs. The body’s integrated response improves circulation and lymphatic drainage and aids in the assimilation of nutrients and elimination of toxins.

    As a naturopath, nutritionist, massage therapist and nurse, I have long held a special interest in the traditional healing systems practiced in Asia since ancient times. Seeking to understand how cultures integrated their health systems into daily life has led me on many wonderful travels over the past 20 years. In my own personal journey, I am now studying a masters of acupuncture and love the balance I gain with my yoga practice.The deeply healing, restorative and fun experience I had at this ayurvedic retreat is a blessing I want to share with others this summer.

    Some well travelled friends told me about this Ayurvedic resort a few years back, when they returned from India without their hot flushes and fatigue, after an ayurvedic retreat. This intrigued me, as it can be a naturopathic challenge to reverse these symptoms quickly and with lasting effect. I have studied ayurvedic medicine over many years and have traveled to Sri Lanka in the past to experience these treatments first hand, but it was time for a healing retreat of my own. So, I set off to Goa this last summer, for a 2 week retreat to address some of my own health issues. I was prepared for anything, but not for all the fun and friendships I found in this truly remarkable world class ayurvedic resort.

    Everyone had a different reason for their retreat, stress and emotional imbalance, skin issues, inflammatory and hormonal conditions, even vision and eye problems along with many other disease states and symptoms of a fast, busy and full life lived without enough care of ourselves.

    Even before I returned, friends were asking me to let them know when I was next going to India. So, I’ve arranged to personally lead a tour to this ayurvedic retreat, distinctive for its authenticity and excellence next summer. I look forward to sharing this retreat with you, you will love it. If you have always wanted to devote some time to your health and well being, this is a perfect opportunity, and you’ll get to see some of this exotic land of India at the same time.

    Pre-departure preparatory naturopathic consultation
    14 nights accomodation at a 5 star ayurvedic resort in Goa (Superior, Villa, Suite different price levels)
    Airport transfers from Goa international airport
    All vegetarian meals prepared according to ayurvedic principles
    Daily consultation with your ayurvedic doctor
    Diagnosis of your ayurvedic constitution and dosha
    2 ayurvedic treatments per day
    Daily yoga class
    Morning kriya yoga
    Daily meditation class
    Use of all resort facilities - gym, walking/running track, ayurveda center, meditation hall, beauty and spa salon, swimming pool, motorised buggies for transport as needed, cooking demonstrations, bicycles.
    Shopping trip to Panjim as treatments allow
    Naturopathic oversight and support during panchakarma program
    Talks or mini lectures on Ayurveda
    A copy of "Living Ahimsa Diet - Nourishing Love and Life" Maya Tiwari.
    Your travel to Goa, travel insurance and visa requirements will be self-managed, this allows for individual travel plans to be tailored to your own needs and desires.

    Dates 28th Dec 2018 for 14 days

    All inclusive price based on single occupancy, call for pricing on double occupancy (see inclusions).

    Room type

    Superior $186 US per night

    Villa $211 US per night


    10% early bird discount on above rates if booking before Aug 31st 2018

    20% deposit payable at the time of booking

    "Two weeks at this ayurvedic resort was both a mind-opening and extraordinary experience. A very warm and welcoming staff ensures you'll have a relaxing, healing and rejuvenating stay. I can highly recommend this beautiful resort that did exceed my expectations,I love this place and will without any doubt return again... and again. I have not felt so relaxed in years." Eva Maryl, Denmark

    Call today if you for more information if you would like to join me on this retreat this summer.

    Singing bowls originate from the Himalayas and are hand made in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and India. Traditionally constructed from 7 metals, corresponding to the 7 planets known since antiquity. Each bowl is able to produce a wide range of harmonic overtones, when several bowls resonate and sing together the harmonic interactions produced are truly extraordinary. It is thought their use may have its origins in the Shamanistic tradition.


  • Urinary toxic marker testing

  • Candida blood testing

  • Heavy metal testing and hair analysis

  • Blood typing for the “Blood Type Diet”

  • Comprehensive stool analysis

  • Zinc tally

  • Health appraisal assessment

  • Cardiovascular risk assessment

  • Mineral assessment

  • Urinary testing

  • Iodine patch test for thyroid function

  • Basal body temperature

  • Salivary hormone testing

  • Referral for blood testing

    Naturopathic Dispensary

  • Metagenics

  • Innovative Therapies

  • Mediherb

  • Brauer professional

  • Heel

  • Medicine Tree

  • Orthoplex

  • Pure Innovations

  • Bioceuticals

  • Eagle

  • Homeopathic Medicine

  • Bach flower essences

  • Bush flower essences

    Initial consultation:
    $155- 1 hr

    Follow up consultations:
    $155 60 mins
    $99 45 mins
    $80 30 mins

    Bowan Therapy
    $120 60 mins

    Remedial Massage
    $140 60 mins
    $80 30 mins

    *Concession Fees:
    Concession fees are available on request, with a pensioner card.

    Health fund rebates may apply

Qualification Details

  • Bachelor of Medicines management with honours in complementary medicine
  • Graduate certificate in complementary medicine
  • Advanced Dip. in Naturopathy
  • Dip Nutrition
  • Cert Biomesotherapy
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Advanced Bowan Therapy Dip
  • State registered nurse
  • Cert 4 Workplace training and assessment
  • Cert in Vitality, Longevity and Healthy aging (VLA)
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