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We believe there is not one type of treatment that best treats every client. This is especially true with Naturopathy and Nutrition as we will always work with you in a different way from our last client. 

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Where conventional medicine is preoccupied with treating the symptoms of an illness or a disease, Natural Health Care adopts a holistic approach to healthcare and places your overall health as the number one priority. With naturopathy, we utilise a range of tests to identify the issues that could potentially be causing your health problems Utilising these tests means that we are able to target your specific issues as opposed to guesswork and spending unnecessary money. We conduct certain urine, blood, and saliva tests in the clinic and through them with you in real time.


There are so many different diets out there, and most of them are “one size fits all”. The main issue with this approach is that we are all different. Our genes influence our ideal diet to a large extent. Most diets and even “healthy” eating guidelines fail to take our individuality into account. When we work with you, we customise an eating plan for your body type, using genetic testing and a range of other methods to identify your perfect diet. Many individuals are pleasantly surprised to find that some of the things they crave, (often discouraged by so-called “healthy” eating guidelines) are actually the foods that their body will thrive on.

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