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Inspiring the Journey Within

Totally Active Healing Centre


Totally Active Healing Centre is a gesture for hope, peace, and prosperity, so the soul can be filled with the blessing of Joy and Peace.

The Totally Active Healing Centre is a Natural Healing Centre, which provides a high level of personalized health care for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Our vision is to support and educate humanity’s healing process. The healing traditions practiced are ancient and modern, gentle and effective. Our health care services follow a principle of personalized, holistic client centered care. Caring and fulfilling individual’s needs are our goal.

Our caring and enthusiastic practitioners are qualified and have vast experience in their respective healing traditions.

Their healing philosophy can be summarized as “Keep it simple, Keep it real”. Additional modalities are listed below.

We offer:

  • Psychic / Tarot readings
    Psychic readings
    Inner Child Healing
    Past life regression
  • Intuitive counselling
  • Spiritual crystal healings
  • Reiki
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Bowen therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Massage

We offer the following workshops::

  • Living an Alkaline life
  • Awaken your psychic abilities
    Discover your inner child
  • Tree of Life (Kabbalah)
  • Learn to read Tarot
    the world of chakras
  • Meditation Classes
  • Core Healing
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We also stock personal development books, oracle cards, CDs, crystals, incense and more.

About Me - Andrea Stern

Andrea Stern has been a psychic reader, intuitive counsellor and spiritual teacher on the Central Coast for 25 years. Andrea’s philosophy on healing is an active one, we are all responsible for our own healing process and an intuitive counselling session is part of facilitating the change and empowering you to be your own guidance and create your desires.

Intuitive counselling takes the initial revelations provided in a reading one step further. Unlike conventional counselling, intuitive counselling allows for a more holistic approach to empowering you to make changes in your life. It can assist to establish patterns and blockages in your life that are preventing you from moving forward. Andrea’s Clairvoyance allows her to channel guidance for you and empower you to discover your own answers. This connection allows Andrea to by-pass a lot of unnecessary details and get straight to the core of the issue. Andrea has the ability to see the truth behind the persona many take on when dealing with deep issues and get straight to the soul. An intuitive counselling session works on the soul level to connect you to your future path and resolve anything holding you back from the past.

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