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Kerrelee Lummis

7A Wrexham st
Bicton WA 6157

Servicing area: Bicton, Western Australia

Focus area: Telehealth
"There are countless times where Kerrelee's advise has assisted in my decision making in a positive way. I would fully recommend her Intuitive readings." - Jill Kempson

Touch For Healing - Tarot Readings

An intuitive reading with Kerrelee can help lead you to a place of insight, clarity and direction in your life. If you have been seeking to create the changes you feel are needed to bring you greater fulfilment and happiness in your life - or to identify those blocks that are getting in your way, working with Kerrelee can clear the path ahead.

Using her psychic abilities Kerrelee receives pictures and clairvoyant images - symbols and emotional sensations - creating a conversation between you and your guiding forces on the spiritual realm that is supportive. From this information stream a snapshot of what is going on in your heart and energetic being will be formed thus helping you to acknowledge that which you will often already know but bring more light and clarity to the issue. This can create an opening for issues to rise to the  surface where they can be discussed honestly.

Kerrelee’s skill as a counsellor and healer combined with her intuitive ability can allow you to arrive at insights which can be of great value to you.

Her readings are not all about future predictions - they focus also on what you are learning in your life now and ways to approach your issues. Often revealing deeper insights not seen easily on your own. Allowing you to look deeply into your way of being and support your own self-discovery of understanding of the choices which are before you.

She suggests that you come prepared with question's you may have about a specific area of your life which you would like to focus on. She  uses Tarot cards to support your reading. She asks that you let go of expectations and enter the reading with an open mind in order to receive the full benefit of your reading.

45 mins $80


I have great pleasure in writing a testimonial for Kerrelee's incredible ability for intuitive tarot readings.

In fact I met Kerrelee at the Fremantle Markets in the 90's when she was doing readings there. Many of her insights were accurate, particularly one where I would receive an offer from overseas to attend a school to advance my painting knowledge. Within two days an invite came from the Netherlands to attend a summer school in the Old Masters techniques. I took up the opportunity, I have been reaping the rewards of the technical knowledge learnt at the Restoration School in Maastricht, Netherlands. I am a professional Artist/Painter.

Since then we have become great friends.

As I moved from WA to live in Melbourne 4 years ago, I now ring Kerrelee and have regular readings with her over the phone.

These redaings have proven to be very helpful on many levels, for career, relationship and financial advise and family challenges and more.

There are countless times where Kerrelee's advise has assisted in my decision making in a positive way.

Besides all of that, Kerrelee is an amazing, kind and generous person.

I would fully recommend her Intuitive readings.

Jill Kempson

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Qualification details

Also completed many post graduate counselling training courses
Bowen Practioner
Reiki Master
Rebalancing Massage Certificate
Swedish Massage Certificate
Reflexology Certificate
Aromatherapy Certified
Sound Energy Healing Practioner
Mandala painting teacher

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This practitioner provides online consults
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