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Karen Towers


“As a counsellor, I love to see children and adults gain the strength they need to overcome personal challenges”

Towers Counselling


What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Counselling usually deals with present issues that are worked through with a supportive and thorough discussion. Counselling is more concerned with immediate life situations that have caused confusion or distress. Psychotherapy is a form of treatment that goes deeper and is usually longer-term than counselling. It can help to uncover and change a person’s entrenched beliefs and behaviours which have had a negative impact on their life and relationships. The goal of psychotherapy is to increase a person’s self-awareness by examining their unconscious patterns. Nobody is immune to some of life’s difficult periods, and having support is crucial towards better mental health. As a counsellor, I love to see children and adults gain the strength they need to overcome personal challenges.

The Counsellor

Hello everyone, I’m Karen! I’ve been working with children for 30 years as a teacher, both in Australia and overseas, and in primary schools and high schools. I’m also a counsellor/psychotherapist with experience in working with carers, in an alcohol and drug service and more recently with clients referred through job services. I could be described as a generalist counsellor. As a member of PACFA, I use a range of modalities to tailor counselling sessions for the client. Person-centred counselling, brief solution-focused, narrative therapy and cognitive behavior therapy are some examples of the approaches that I like to use, as my clients report that they feel heard, understood and supported through whatever challenges they face.

If you’re unsure of anything or have any questions, please call me for a no-obligation 10 minute phone conversation. Some private health care funding may be available.

Session Pricing



  • Formal sessions, Walk & Talk Therapy, Cafe sessions, Online counselling or Phone counselling




  • Fabric Therapy, Art and Play, Games or Gardening, so children engage and express themselves.



Karen Towers is a Counsellor and Psychotherapist. She is a Registered Member of PACFA number: 22981. Towers Counselling ABN is 72339289767


All information discussed during sessions is confidential, however, there are times when confidentiality must be broken. For more information on confidentiality please call Karen.


Cancellation fees of 50% apply if sessions are cancelled or postponed within 24 hours.


Sometimes the decision to attend counselling is coupled with feelings of not being able to cope or feeling overwhelmed. The opposite is the truth!

Just like attending a gym helps to strengthen physical health, counselling sessions help to strengthen emotional health. Karen has a wide range of experience in the following areas:

  • Anxiety / Depression

  • Other mental health issues

  • Grief / Loss

  • Suicide ideation and self-harm

  • Marriage breakdown

  • Relationship issues

  • Addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling and gaming

  • Domestic Violence

  • Homelessness or risk of homelessness

  • Workplace bullying or discrimination

  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Childhood abuse

  • Chronic pain

  • Eating disorders, including body dysmorphia

  • Parenting issues

People explain that it’s easier to speak to an objective 3rd party when struggling with personal issues, as they don’t want to burden their loved-ones.  Dealing with issues alone rarely achieves positive results, and counselling sessions can assist with lifting some of the burden.


Children and most teenagers don’t want to sit still and talk for an hour! Karen uses a range of resources and activities to engage with children and help them to express themselves. Creative activities, such as fabric therapy, art and play therapy, books, cards, games and gardening are some examples. Children have the same emotions as adults and often don’t have the words or the maturity to deal with them. There are also times when they know that mum or dad will be too sad or worried to listen to them, which in turn continues a pattern of silence.

All children and teenagers are welcome, including those with special needs and with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Screen time is not a component of Towers Counselling, as children already spend a lot of time in front of electronics. Maintaining eye contact, building social skills and the sensory experience of using fabric are all a part of this service.

Discounts apply if siblings attend together to deal with common issues, such as in the case of their parents’ divorce or the loss of a pet. Please call Karen to discuss any issues or questions.

Parents or care givers need to book an initial session, without the children, to thoroughly discuss their concerns. For ongoing sessions, parents are more than welcome to attend, especially for younger children.

Family Counselling is also available and can be adapted to fit the specific needs of your family. Please call Karen to discuss further.


Informal Settings

Offices can be booked in different locations around the Illawarra, and alternate locations are possible, depending on the client’s needs and their own preferences. Walk and talk therapy, café sessions, online counselling and phone counselling are all available through this service.

Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and talk therapy is exactly as it sounds. We take to the great outdoors and have a session while walking. Some people find it liberating to be outside of an office location and exercise has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression. There are many beautiful places to walk along the coast in the Illawarra, with bookings taken from Stanwell Park to Kiama. If not too distracting, dogs are welcome and obviously walk and talk therapy depends on the weather. This type of counselling is offered after some rapport has already been established.

Cafe Sessions

Clients have reported that walking into a medical setting can make them feel like there’s something wrong with them; meeting at a café can help to “open up” the discussion, outside of traditional office space. Quiet corners of cafés can be an ideal location, as it looks like two friends catching up over a cup of tea. Bookings are taken throughout the Illawarra, usually outside of busy lunchtimes, for privacy reasons. This type of counselling is offered after some rapport has already been established.

Phone Counselling

Phone counselling is also available, in and out of regular office hours. The cost of the call is not paid for by the client.

Online Counselling

Online counselling has grown in popularity, with the added benefit and convenience of staying at home. Sessions are conducted via Zoom with a link sent by email. Towers Counselling is able to offer online counselling to anywhere in the world, taking into consideration the time difference. Please contact Karen to discuss any concerns or further details.


Fabric Therapy

Fabric therapy is an expressive therapy and a unique approach offered by Towers Counselling. It is similar to art therapy in that fabric can be used in different ways to express emotions and support positive foundations. Fabric can be drawn on, painted and different patterns cut and pasted. Wall hangings, pot covers, mobiles, or anything else can be made as a means of expression, and usually with children.

Children often start talking once they are engaged in doing something else. The end goal of fabric therapy is to understand their concerns, especially if talking about it is difficult, and to offer them support in processing uncomfortable emotions. For example, a victim of bullying may like to make an item which reminds them of their strengths and support networks and make something which can be displayed at home, such as in bedrooms.

All resources are provided, and if making a pot cover, include a succulent plant.

In time, it’s anticipated that group support will be provided for adults, which will be specific to their needs.  Fabric therapy can be used for a range of issues, such as anxiety and depression, the loss of a significant other and other major life transitions.

Watch this space!


Qualification Details

  • Diploma of Education (Primary)
  • Graduate Diploma of Counselling
  • Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy

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