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Mar 2013

Transformational Concepts

Contact Name Jillie Carter
Phone 0409 706 294
Mobile 0409 706 294
Address Geelong VIC 3220
Servicing Areas Geelong and surrounding suburbs

Jillie A. Carter - Transformational Concepts

Transformational Concepts

About Jillie Carter

In the year 2000, Jillie established her business “Transformational Concepts“ after travelling to California USA, to complete the Louise L. Hay Advanced Certified Teacher Training and Personal Life Coaching. This enabled her to run Louise L. Hay workshops and individual counselling programs in Australia.

With Jillie’s formal educational qualifications, she was privileged to teach within the Education Department from Primary to Tertiary levels. In addition she has qualifications in Adult and Mental Health Training, Community Services and Case Work Management.

Jillie has been a manager of both State and Federally funded government programs, These programs assisted the socially disadvantaged members of society. Programs included: victims of sexual, physical and mental abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness, physically and intellectually disabled, people from multicultural diverse backgrounds and people from criminal backgrounds. Jillie has also worked with and supported gay and lesbian communities and people who are under-going transgender and /or who have transgendered.

Jillie has practised meditation in her personal life for 25 years and has conducted many meditation groups in Geelong, including World Peace, as well as groups focussing on Stress Management, Motivation and Positive Thinking. The following modalities are used to meet the needs of the individual. These include: Guided Imagery, Mindfulness, Intuitive Healing, Australian Bush Flower Essences and Personal Life Coaching Techniques tailored to meet personal needs. These modalities benefit the client with energy release, Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing, Inner Child Work and Angel Card readings for the highest good of the client

Jillie specialises in the Personal Coaching Individual techniques of Louise L Hay. These are based on letting go of fear, un-forgiveness and resentment and relaxation techniques to assist with stress release.

Through her work in this area Jillie has had so many clients tell her they would like to meditate but cannot. They have stated their mind is a racing horse, unable to be harnessed or so it seems. .

Science now acknowledges the wonderful holistic benefits of bringing our mind to a state of peace and calm. Meditation is a tool now used in Neurosurgery wards, recovery units, psychology sessions and recovery programs. The substantial physical and psychological benefits of the Meditation practice, plays a wonderful role in preventative health.

Jillie believes that to live a productive and joyful life one has to adapt a daily attitude of mindfulness in relation to Body, Mind and Spirit.

Jillie has over 30 years of experience as a spiritual counsellor, workshop facilitator and public speaker. Jillie has worked nationally and overseas and has also written and published many articles for the press. Individual sessions are conducted in a private, modern office.

I welcome any inquiries. Hours include weekdays and weekends by appointment. All age groups welcome. I am located in Geelong Victoria.

Please phone 0409 706 257
or email me

Qualification Details

Certified Louise L. Hay Life Coach
Diploma of Education
Certificate IV Training and Assessment
Certificate Mediation
Certificate Mental Health

Associate Member - International Institute for Complementary Therapists

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