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Transform Spa & Coaching


Servicing area: Sunshine coast, Noosa Hinterland

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Massage, Coaching and Energy Healing in Noosa Hinterland & by online consult.

Penelope Claire

Welcome to Transform Spa & Coaching.

= Balance and Transform your Body, Mind and Soul =


Located in Noosa Hinterland (Cooroy) we provide accessible

Spa-Style Massage Treatments,

Results-Driven Coaching 

& Transformative Energy Healing.


Massage Therapy

Relaxation Massage

A deeply relaxing massage with organic coconut oil. Come as you are, depart deeply relaxed and revitalised.

Aromatherapy Massage

A rejuvenating massage with the added healing benefit of therapeutic grade essential oils. Let the healing power of plants and the natural world amplify your relaxation and rejuvenation.

Swedish Massage

Considered a classic massage technique, smooth, gliding strokes and deeper muscle penetration, combined with tapping and feathering relieves muscle stress and tension, improves circulation, flexibility, blood oxygenation and aids detoxification.

Hot Stone Massage

A Queensland hot stone massage to ground and recharge your energy system, fast. Including hand-crafted granite stones from the Port Douglas region and additional rocks, stones and crystals selectively picked from the greater Far North Queensland area.


Results-Driven Coaching

Coaching with a difference

Work Smarter, not Harder.

Rise above the status quo.

Tap into the infinite creative potential we all have access to—

to materialise your goals and intentions with unprecedented results.


Shoot for the stars with Results-Driven, Transformative Coaching.



Penelope’s approach to coaching is intuitive, practical & informative. In just 3 sessions Penelope has helped me gain sooo much clarity on what I thought was my purpose and helped me redefine it, igniting a spark within my soul again! I am forever grateful. Before seeing Penelope, I felt confused in what direction to go down & now know the exact steps I need to take to get me to where I want to go! In actioning what we had discussed has not only improved my business but my LIFE! Hallelujah!!!!!

- Kylie-Ann Adams, QLD Australia


l highly recommend the transformative experience of Manifestation Coaching with Penelope Claire. Penny's relaxed and friendly demeanor hides a wickedly effective skill set. Four weeks after starting her program l manifested the exact thing we had been focused on. The ease and accuracy with which it happened actually shocked me.. l enthusiastically continue with her guidance as we methodically work through my life goals. If you're ready for powerful, personal change, Transform Coaching is the answer..

- James Dobson, QLD Australia



Qualification details

Diploma Life Coaching, Diploma Massage Therapy, Numerous Energy Healing Certifications.

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