Trisch Calleja Remedial Massage

Trisch Calleja

Upstairs at the Carlingford-Epping Surgery
5 Lloyds ave
Carlingford NSW 2118

Servicing area: Carlingford, New South Wales

Trisch Calleja Remedial Massage

Flexible hours by prior appointment only. 
Pre-Teenagers to Elderly & everyone in between.
Whether you are a student, weekend warrior, garden enthusiast, office worker, Barista, concert pianist, parent, carer, courier, net surfer, sports enthusiast or loungelizard extraordinaire .....- everyone has aches that could benefit from a professional massage!

Why come for a massage? Way too many reasons to list here! Some of the reasons people give me when i ask them "So, what brings you here today" - I get a huge variety of reasons- perhaps you can identify with some of them:
- because my partner sent me!
- i'm curious - i've never had a massage before
- i've got this knot in my shoulder that just won't go away
- trouble getting to sleep
- recovering from surgery, physio has referred me for further soft tissue work (i get alot of these)
- i feel like i'm falling apart, everything hurts
- feeling stressed, working shift, too much overtime ...
- my back catches
- hurts to take a deep breath
- i've had the grandkids over & i'm exhausted!
- tension headache
- sore wrist/elbow
- woke up with a stiff neck
- twisted ankle that's kinda healed but still tweaks sometimes
- tight ITB/ piriformis/hamstrings
- too much gardening
- stiff hips

For enquiries you may send an SMS to 0421875235


Qualification details

  • Diploma Health Sciences-Massage (Meadowbank TAFE) since mid 2002.<br />
  • Comprehensive course in Relaxation (swedish massage), sports & remedial massage covering
  • Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Techniques, assisted stretching/MET.
  • Qualifications updated every year.

Service categories

Trisch Calleja Remedial Massage