Danielle Elliott- Having Tummy Troubles?

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Do you experience, bloating, gas and discomfort?
Do you have an irritable and unpredictable tummy?
Does the bloating get so bad it makes you feel self-conscious?
Do dinner invites and menus send you into a panic, wondering what you can eat and what the after effects will be?
Do you experience constipation, diarrhoea or a combination of both?
Is your diet becoming more and more restricted?
Does every meal bring some anxiety?
Then .......

Tummy Rescue


You may or may not have a diagnosis, but if you are not getting better then do not allow yourself to go through the pain, anxiety and discomfort any longer. There are many treatment options and answers out there to your health issue, even if you have been told otherwise by your doctor. You may have been told something like...
“there is nothing we can do for you” , “there is nothing to treat IBS”, “all your tests are normal, so there is nothing wrong with you”

I am here to tell you there are answers and there are solutions!
In your first appointment, I will ...

    • Get a comprehensive overview of your health history and the current symptoms that are causing you the most issues

    • Perform in clinic testing , including live blood analysis to get more answers about how your body is functioning

    • Take the time to listen to all your symptoms and how you believe they relate to you

    • Explain clearly what the testing means and what I believe may be contributing to your severe symptoms

    • Explain why other treatments may not have worked and why you can’t work out what is causing the flare up’s

    • Explain the possible causes behind your symptoms and why it is not just in your head,( like so many of my

    • patients have been told in the past)


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Danielle Elliott- Having Tummy Troubles?