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"There is a saying.... "Whatever goodness a person has it is learned in the lap of the mother." That is how important the institution of a woman as a mother is in our society." Yogi Bhajan

Small Blessings - Mama Baba Postnatal Yoga

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At this time your life is turning around, the demands on your body are great and there is so much that is new. Part of the mastery of a woman and a mother is the art of giving to your children from a place of bounty within you, being as a fountain which is full to overflowing. For this to become our experience, the connection to ourselves needs regular nurturing and cultivation.

Small Blessings Yoga offers you courses of average 9 weeks length in Mama Baba post-natal yoga in the tradition of Kundalini Yoga. This is yoga primarily for YOU with your baby there by your side at times, or on your body, physically involved in your poses and movements, or simply held in your loving gaze while you take care of yourself ... and for older babies, happily exploring the space, coming and going from your mat. As well as being good for your physical well-being, classes can be seen as a schooling in this relaxed focus on our babies and kids.

You can begin with the classes from 7 weeks after the birth and continue until your baby is toddling. 

We start gently, offering opportunities to move and breathe, massaging away tension, strengthen and relax, ground, nourish your nerves, tone and release, rejuvenate, rest and rejoice. Short meditations also serve to clear your mind and bring you back to yourself. Exchange of experience within the group and yogic inspiration offers you the possibility to share, explore and feel heard. A nurturing experience.

As we progress through a cycle of classes, the yoga will challenge you more, helping you strengthen further and step out into your life and new identity with new confidence, balance and clarity. We practice meditations serve to focus and uplift.

In all this, the babies clearly enjoy the open, aware and loving space and profit from your relaxed focus.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have.To see testimonials and full details of class times and fees and for online bookings, visit my website www.smallblessingsyoga.com.au

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