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Ear candling may provide a gentle and soothing relief for ear and sinus congestion experienced by adults and children. 

Ultra Health Therapies - Ear Candling

The utilisation of ear candling can be discovered historically in traditional healing strategies by numerous societies around the globe.

How Ear Candling works

Ear candling is utilised to help with the loosening of wax that exists in the outer section of the ear. The skin of the ear canal is lined with glands and hair follicles that produce waxy oil for security and protection of the ear from foreign dust particles.  This wax will then move to the opening of the ear where it drops out.

Issues may arrive when the wax is pushed back into the ear by objects or cleaning strategies that are incorrect and this may result in a blockage. If this could be the situation that you are encountering right now then a meeting with your normal Dr should guarantee there is no further difficulty.

What can Ear Candling treat?

Ear candling is utilised for the most part for the help of blockage from the development of ear wax, congestion from colds and flu and possible congestion from surfing, swimming or air travel.

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