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Weight Loss Re-wire Brain Program

Conscious Living Weightloss Program


What is the Conscious Living Weightloss Program

Imagine feeling healthier, valuing yourself and feeling satisfied with your health and your life.

Conscious Living Weight Loss Program is designed to re-wire your brain to eliminate your emaotional triggers and beliefs for a safe and viable weight loss.  

Forget about weight food, counting calories and designing meal plans.  Self discipline and willpower are no longer needed with the Conscioius Living Weight Loss Program because by re-wiring your thoughts the  mental and psychological resources will help you escape those common pitfall of trying to lose weight.


What is involved with the Conscious Living Weight Loss Program?

It is a 12 week program which may be offered through either zoom or face to face.


Have you heard about the HypnoSlim Gastric Band Program?

Are you interested in all the advantages of a gastric band without the risks of a major operation?

The HypnoSlim innovatie gastric band program looks at your eating habits and the root cause to change your eating habits and give you long-term success for a balanced body and mind.

Watch the kilos reduce on the scales as you drop dress size and discover the energy you only dreamt about.

If you are committed to weight loss then HypnoSlim Gastric Band may aid you in your goals.  It may be the healthy, risk-free and cost effective alternative to conventional gastric band surgery that is intended for those with a Body Mass Index of over 30.

If you would like to talk further whilst considering hypnotherapy for your weight loss please call Caroline now.



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