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Chinese Herbal Medicine can be traced back almost 5,000 years, although as most herbs are food, herbs have been used since humans were hunters and gatherers.

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What is some of the History of Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine can be followed back right around 5,000 years, in spite of the fact that as most herbs are sustenance, herbs have been utilised since people were seekers and gatherers. These days, Chinese Herbal Medicine unites antiquated society cures and the prized wellbeing mysteries of the different administrations throughout the hundreds of years together with the colossal advantages of advanced science and examination.

There is an emerging familiarity with the advantages of Chinese herbal medicine in the west.


What exactly are Chinese Herbs?

Chinese herbs can be all parts of the plant, eg. Stems, seeds, roots, flowers, leaves, bark etc along with bones, various fungi, animal parts, rocks (minerals), although animal parts are used sparingly and rarely in the western world.

Initially every one of the herbs in a formula would be boiled and taken as a dish of soup. Presently with cutting edge innovation most celebrated home grown formulae and individual herbs can be bought in tablet, pill, powdered or container form which is significantly more advantageous and acceptable.



Most Chinese have an inherent comprehension of herbs and foods to eat for their natural wellbeing because of the generations of information handed down.


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