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Brad Buchanan - Hypnotherapist

Suite 3c,
3rd Floor, 34 High st
Southport QLD 4215

Servicing area: Gold Coast North and South

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Founder of Empowering Mums Hyno Birthing Method


Unlock the Potential of Your Mind

Did you know you may change your birth destiny with hypno birthing?

  • Are you frightened of the pain of birth?
  • Do you worry that your birth will be long and difficult?
  • Have you heared birthing horror stories and are terrified this could happen to you?

You can be reasured that it doesn't have to be this way.  Hypno birthing is a simple and easy to learn technique for self-hypnosis which allows your body to relax during birth and to produce 100% natural anaesthesia in the body.  

Do you want to birth your baby in a gentle, calm, loving way whilst enjoying a natural birth, without toxic pain killers or intrusive medical procedures, whilst being present to share the beautiful moments bonding with your baby and your partner?

Go from stressed out Mum to be, dreading a painful birth, to a blissed out Mum, loving every minute of birthing her child. 

Call Brad now to help you make that transformation with his unique hypno birthing program called Empowering Mums.


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