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Unified Spirits

Elaine Nucifora

Orange NSW 2800

Unified Spirits

Spiritual Guidance Counsellor, Psychic Development Teacher, Energy healer (various modalities, distance healing also available) Unified Spirits is focused on providing spiritual insight, happiness, health, peace, balance and wisdom to your daily life

Unified Spirits


Past Life Regression Therapy
1 hour • $120

We'll take a spiritual journey back into your past lives to find anything that may be blocking your success in this life. Whether it be money, guilt, health or fear etc. Time to start living the abundant life you were meant to have. Treatments are carried out through meditative journeys - no hypnosis is ever used.

Crystal Chakra Re-alignment & Stimulation
Duration varies • $80

Elaine will perform a chakra blockage reading to determine which crystals are necessary for unblocking, balancing and restoring your chakra's to their perfect aligned state. Misaligned chakras can cause many dis-eases, through emotional energy centre imbalance & blockages to your universal life force (Chi).This treatment is non-invasive, gentle, relaxing and meditative.

Energy Clearing
30 minutes • $60

Negative energy can affect us more than we realise, especially when it's directed straight at us, some cultures believe that this dark energy can be sent with just a look, or via thoughts & that whole families can be affected. It's a powerful force that can leave the recipient feeling out of sorts, stifled, sick or tired & depleted. Elaine clears these energies through an ancient Mayan ritual that dispels the negativity, restoring balance and positivity.

Channeled Healings
30 minutes • $ 60 AUD

Channeled Healings are a non-invasive, gentle process to restore balance and harmony to your body, mind & soul. Guided by spirit and your Angels, All healings are tailored to your individual needs. This ensures that each client is attuned to their own unique vibration to create a happier, healthier you.

Duration varies • $ various

Various content, duration, delivery and pricing. Please message page for more information

Duration varies • From $35

Various content, duration, delivery and prices - please message page for info

One on One guidance counselling
1 hour • $120 AUD

During this session, we will open a channel of communication with your Angelic Helpers to allow us to see your clear path to better - happiness, peace, health & harmony within. We will take a look at what emotional energy centre blockages are causing dis-ease & imbalance to your body, mind and soul. Working together, we will create a tailored plan to restore your health and inner peace.

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