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Pregnancy massage

Leah has undergone specific training in pregnancy massage to bring you specialised care during this important time in your life. Aside from feeling relaxed and generally fantastic, research shows a multitude of physical and mental benefits of prenatal massage. This safe massage may help alleviate some of those pregnancy woes such as aches and pains, oedema, restless sleep, poor circulation, cramping and general stress and tension. A pregnancy massage treatment is a 75min consultation and costs $80.

Relaxation massage

The most well-known and sought after massage technique, Swedish massage uses smooth movements to stretch out your muscles and kneed them into a relaxed state while your mind is allowed to drift away to the sounds of soft music. If you have never had a massage before then this is the massage for you, if you like slow and gentle touch then great, if you prefer a firmer pressure then thats great too, this massage is for your enjoyment and thus can be tailored to how you like it.

Deep tissue massage

With a focus on deeper layers of muscle and fascia, this massage uses similar techniques to Swedish massage but with more pressure and focus on particular problem areas. This massage is often more intense and may involve moments of discomfort (no pain no gain though right!?) Please note that it does not treat specific injury but rather relieves muscular pain and chronic tension.

Elderly massage

Massage offers infinite benefits to the elderly and disabled who are often experiencing degenerative and postural discomfort, tension and reduced mobility and flexibility. Dry skin, poor sleep, oedema, frequent infections, lack of circulation, constipation, anxiety and sadness all benefit from the therapeutic wonder of massage.

Massage treatments

45 Min $50

1 hour $70

After hours $80

Home visit $95

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Qualification details

Bachelor of health science (naturopathy)
Certificate IV Massage therapy
Certificate in Pregnancy massage

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Naturopath and Massage Therapist Leah Delany has many years’ experience in the natural medicine industry and strives to help her clients live to their healthiest, happiest potential.

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Naturopathy utilises the innate power of the body to heal itself withthe aid of dietary and lifestyle support, herbal medicines and nutritionalsupplements.

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