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Pain Relief - Postural Issues – Injuries - General Relaxation

Inga Kaiser - Bowen Therapy - 0497 762 169

I am a qualified Naturopath and Bowen Therapist, practising since 2003.

Bowen Therapy is a holistic energy and body work modality for musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

Tom Bowen (Geelong 1916 – 1982) developed this unique form of soft tissue therapy that can achieve lasting results after only a few treatments.

The specific Bowen moves are addressing muscles, fascia and acupuncture points, resulting in the release of muscle tension, softening of trigger points, improving circulation and lymphatic drainage.

For Stress Relief a combination of Bowen and Reiki is particularly calming and enjoyable.

Bowen Therapy can benefit anyone from the newborn to the elderly.

Profoundly relaxing, deep acting with fast and lasting effects.

Discover how Bowen works for you

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Opening hours:  Monday to Friday by appointment 


    • Diploma of Social Work, Germany
    • Certificate in Gestalt Therapy/Counselling, Germany
    • Advanced Diploma of Applied Science- Naturopathy, 2002, Perth/WA
    • Certificate in Advanced Level of Bowen Technique, 2003, Perth/WA

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Inga Kaiser - Unity Clinic