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Universal Healing Arts

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Antonieke is a trainer, teacher and a healer whose love of vitality is compassionately expressed in her teachings of holistic body and mind-work.

Her teachings are based on Ancient Healing Arts from the East and humanistic psychology from the West.

She has been invited as a trainer on and offshore, facilitator, healer & guest speaker for forums & healing festivals in Australia and the USA"..

Universal Healing Arts

A dream uninterpreted is like a letter from your Soul left unopened for you”. Talmud

Universal Healing Arts presents a Gestalt dream work circle for you

(max 8 people meet midweekly 19:30-21:00 for 12 weeks in Newport Beach)

For those who feel the call for greater connectedness and awareness!

In an non judgemental, safe and friendly environment I invite you to work on your dream in a Gestalt way: you make your own connections as you are guided to explore the elements, identify with the most important elements of your dream. It is not about analysing and cutting up your dream.

This is far more dynamic and holistic.

You will learn:

  • how to remember your dreams

  • keep a dream journal

  • relate your dream’s messages to your waking life

You are the maker of the dream …Whatever you put into the dream must be what is in you.” Fritz Perls- the father of Gestalt therapy

(In humanistic psychology Gestalt therapy is the art of completing unfinished business in your life)

For more information: pls contact Antonieke Verschure Universal Healing Arts 0448748888

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