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Member since 2011

Adelaide Mind Relaxation

Alex Foreman
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For strong results with (moderate to severe) stress, anxiety, depression and destructive thought patterns. Find our if this therapy is for you...

Adelaid Mind Relaxation

Practitioner of natural & alternative therapeutic techniques, Mind Relaxation Practitioner and licensed Access Bars® Facilitator.

Alex is the manager of Adelaide Mind Relaxation, an alternative practice that delivers substantial improvements in your emotional well-being using energy based therapeutic methods. Their techniques are ideal for relieving moderate to severe stress, anxiety, depression, emotional pain, unresolved issues, insecurity & unwanted thought patterns.

ABN: 86 388 672 593
Office: 61 Moseley Street, Glenelg, South Australia
Postal: PO Box 2069 Glenelg SA 5045
Call: 0426 20 3273

Alex has proved to have a true natural talent for his art. Consistent feedback from his clients indicates that he is successfully treating a wide range of concerns, from moderate stress to severe psychological problems.

He is described as an honest and professional operator with a relaxed “country style” personality and old school values. Alex believes in treating people the way he likes to be treated himself and provides top notch customer support for his clients. When he isn’t improving people’s lives Alex can be found cruising between cafes on his motorbike, enjoying the beach and spending quality time with his family. He also takes an active interest in charity, wildlife conservation, space exploration and science.

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Mind Relaxation Practitioner
Access Bars Facilitator

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