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Unravel the Knots

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Unravel the Knots

Use these tools to achieve complete health on all different levels of being

Unravel the Knots - Kinesiology & NLP


Kinesiology is a holistic system, utilising muscle testing to access the bodies’ bio-computer. This in built healing system knows exactly what needs to be done to bring about balance, healing and harmony, using muscle testing allows us to discover where imbalances are within the systems of the body & the priority method to use to balance them. Our primary aim is to establish a complete triangle between the physical/structural, chemical/nutritional & mental/emotional aspects of life. The more equal our triangle of health is, the more life energy we have to live our lives and deal wit any issues that may arise. Thus, with kinesiology we are working with the bodies’ innate healing system to create an equal triangle and high levels of life energy.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP is studying the language of the mind, how it is currently programmed, how you communicate with yourself & with others, how you produce the behaviours and results you are currently producing and if you are not producing the results that you want, how to re-establish the programming so that you achieve success in all areas of your life. An NLP practitioner is like a computer technician for the mind, working out which software programmes are no longer working to achieve the desired result, whether there is a virus that can be removed, which programs may slight adjusting and which ones require upgrading with more updated and relevant information. ..

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