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If you are having trouble with your partner, do not give up hope... Come in for a counselling session and we can help you work through your issues. 

Upwey Psychology - Individual & Couple Counselling

Couple’s Counselling

Upwey Psychology specialises in offering support to couples who are encountering loss, conflict, pressures in relation with parenthood and those couples who are considering separation. At Upwey Psychology we understand the unique pressures that can be experienced by couples and we provide a service that is specifically suited to responding to these requirements in a manner that is time efficient.

How does Couples Counselling work?

Usually the Psychologist and the Couple meet together initially. The initial session is an opportunity for the Psychologist to become familiar with the Couple and their unique situation, particularly the circumstances or events that are resulting in them turning to counselling.

After the first session, it common for the Couple to work on an individual bases with the Psychologist to ensure a deeper understanding of how their individual feelings and stories may be either hindering or helping them in their relationship with each other in the present.

The final stage is to establish a positive reconnection as a group and to work more directly on any remaining problems. Each partner will be challenged to reclaim their own individual story and contribute to the future story of their lives a couple.

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