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Upwey Psychology supports the practice of Integrative Medicine as our primary approach to achieving Wellness and Wellbeing.

Upwey Psychology - Integrative Medicine


Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine is a holistic approach to health that concentrates and treats the entire body rather than simply concentrating on the resolution and neglecting the reduction or the management of symptoms. This approach connects evidence based Complementary or Alternative treatments with Traditional Western Medicine.

Alternative or Complementary therapies include:


    • Traditional Chinese Medicine


    • Osteopathy


    • Nutrition


    • Exercise


    • Acupuncture


    • Chiropractic


    • Massage


    • Meditation

Integrative Medicine is open to non-traditional approaches to healthcare, one of the fundamental principles of Integrative Medicine is to provide treatments that are supported by high quality research and strong evidence base.


Traditional Herbal Medicine

In direct opposition to pharmaceutical medicines and drugs, Herbal Medicine focused on wellbeing and health by not only reducing the severity of the symptoms but by also restoring balance within the Mind and the Body.


Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition and Diet are two fundamental elements that often go overlooked when people seek help and support for symptoms of Anxiety and Depression. Nutrition and Diet are extremely simple and effective ways to provide your body with the necessary building blocks your body needs to develop positive attitudes/moods, improve and increase the quality of sleep and reduce the frequency of negative attitudes/moods.


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About Upwey Psychology

We are specialists in the area of Counselling Psychology & Herbal Medicine. We treat the Body and the Mind. We have many years experience providing Individual & Couples Counselling, Trauma Therapy and Regression Hypnotherapy. We are committed to creating sustainable Health and Wellbeing. We work collaboratively with our clients to resolve rather than manage symptoms.

Upwey Psychology - Individual & Couple Counselling

If you are having trouble with your partner, do not give up hope... Come in for a counselling session and we can help you work through your issues. 

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