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Katarzyna Syta

10 Jarocin Ave
Glebe NSW 2037

Servicing area: Glebe, Inner West, City

Urban Healers

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Awaken Your Natural Ability To Heal.

Urban Healers

About Us

Katarzyna is an empath, a standalone practitioner, who has chosen to allocate the past 10 years of her life to her true calling, healing.

Katarzyna is a knowledgeable and experienced Reiki Master, practiser of shamanic healing and divination, remover of trapped emotions, leads through past life regressions and is an insightful tarot reader.

By education and work experience she is a Master of Engineering Science. At her core, Katarzyna is a mathematician, philosopher, writer and a healer.



Reiki is a gentle Japanese energy healing technique, which is designed to remove negative energy, blockages, harmonise the flow of energy, and balance chakras. Reiki offers deep relaxation and bliss and allows for the client to connect with their subconscious.

Tarot Cards

Tarot readings are an amazing way to discover the true triggers to our issues. Katarzyna uses them less as a tool of divination but more as a way to identify blockages and bad habits in a way that they have not been previously viewed.

Past Life Regression

A tool that provides a profound understanding of confusion in recent life as well as a method to remove anxiety attached to past lives.

Trapped Emotion Removal

Similar to Kinesiology, your body in its subconscious state will show you what and where the trapped emotions are stored.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing works on the principle that healing and necessary information can be gathered through spiritual helpers from other dimensions.


Barbora Cervená Ph.D, Veterinary Doctor

“Katarzyna is a true healer. Her amazing personality, incredibly pleasant energy and empathy make her clients feel like they are at the center of the Universe. Every reiki session was different, but always very pleasing and harmonising. The tarot reading made me realise many things in my life. Once, I had a pretty tough migraine and Katarzyna’s reiki soothed the pain nicely, to my surprise.”

J.L., Psychologist

“Katarzyna is well-studied in natural healing, reiki, meditation, and Buddhism to name a few.  She practices in the parks and green space of Sydney as well as in her wonderful space at home.

With her reiki and chakra work she channels through the spirits of humans, animals and nature.  She can help you be more relaxed, more tolerant and cope with day to day stresses and challenges.  She has a positive and creative outlook on life.

​Katarzyna is well-read and continues to learn about everything all the time. She is a wonderful conversationalist and a wonderful, kind person.”

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give me a call or visit my website  

Qualification Details

Master of Reiki healing from International House of Reiki, training in shamanism by Foundation of Shamanic Studies, California, CCE Courses in psychology, Jungian psychology, anthropology, religions from the University of Sydney.

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