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Urban Health is a new Remedial Massage clinic based in Maidstone, an inner western suburb of Melbourne.

Urban Health

Servicing area

(Near Chemist Warehouse) Maidstone, Victoria

Focus areas

Sciatica Stress management Fitness Sprains Headaches Circulation

Welcome to
Urban Health

Urban Health is a new Remedial Massage clinic based in Maidstone, an inner western suburb of Melbourne.

Conveniently located in the new Genesis Fitness Club near Highpoint Shopping Centre.

Urban health offers clients a range of Remedial and Sports Massage Therapy with fully qualified and professional staff.

Open 7 days a week to suit your busy schedule, So come along and visit us.

Our Services

Remedial Massage
The application of massage as a remedial therapy is based upon the understanding of anatomy and how the muscles function. It aims to re-balance the muscular and skeletal systems by working specifically on the muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments involved. Specialist techniques are used to locate problem areas and assist the body in the healing process.

Sports Massage
Sports Massage helps aid in Post Injury recovery and releases tension in muscles through deep tissue massage and a variety of muscle release techniques. The aim is to maintain muscle condition, increase flexibility, enabling full range of movement, which will result in an overall better performance.

Stretch and Rehabilitation
With regular remedial or sports massage, injuries are far less likely to occur. If injury does occur, massage not only dramatically improves the rate of healing, it ensures the whole area heals properly. Regular massage reduces damage to the tissues, improves circulation, improves flexibility and reduces tension. Sport can be very stressful on the body, by incorporating Sports Massage into your training programme, you will be more likely to enhance your performance.

Shiatsu 指圧
The word shiatsu means "finger pressure". Like acupuncture, it is based on the holistic system of traditional Chinese medicine, where illness is thought to result from imbalances in the natural flow of energy, or qi (pronounced "chee") through the body.

Cupping is an ancient Chinese method of causing local congestion. A partial vacuum is created in cups placed on the skin either by means of heat or suction. Cupping has also been found to affect the body up to four inches into the tissues, causing tissues to release toxins, activate the lymphatic system

Specific areas often treated are:

  • knee and ITB problems,
  • back and lower back problems including sciatica
  • shoulder, rotator cuff and biceps issues
  • neck, whiplash, tension headaches
  • other muscle strains, ankle sprains and strains

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