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Vanessa Lamaro

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Servicing area: Maroochydore & Birtinya QLD

Active Living - The Wellness Company

Vanessa Lamaro gives a complimentary naturopathic evaluation to help us get to know each other and determine whether we are well prepared to work together.

Certified Naturopath & Naturopathic Clinic

Reclaiming Your Health 

Are you searching for a holistic solution for natural and scientific experience in your healthcare? Were you sick with the effects of masking and able to tackle the body's root cause with the aid of a professional case analysis?

Would you like a personalised treatment plan that integrates the best research-based therapies to cure the body dynamically? 

If so, you’re on the right path. Let’s begin to change your well-being now. 

One aspect that I know for sure is that deep confidence is founded on the right therapeutic relationship, treatment plan, and eventual outcomes. 

This is also a good opportunity for you to ask questions regarding partnering with me so that you can agree on the next move on your path through the healthcare sector.

Our Consulting Team 

Vanessa Lamaro

Vanessa Lamaro is a Naturopath certified by ANTA with a BSc. For the last 11 years, Vanessa has worked as a naturalist in both Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast, aiding residents in addressing their health challenges and maximising their strength and well-being. Over the span of this period, she has handled a wider range of proven experiences while supporting people in most health and disease-related areas.

She specialises in holistic treatment and uses her patients ' best natural and scientific skills. Her method consists of analysing all the causes of a person's particular health problem in detail and evaluating it. While Vanessa has a broad spectrum of experience, she specialises in hormonal well-being (including gynecology, thyroid, adrenal health, and fertility). She has co-authored 9 eBooks on fertility and developed a number of products for the treatment of fertility and gynecological problems. She helps her patients release themselves from the sometimes debilitating effects untreated hormones will bring about and is happy to help couples become families.

Mandy Napier
Mindset & Performance Coach 

A Global Mindset & Peak Performance Trainer, Mandy Napier, Expert, Educator, Facilitator and Writer of “Creating Healthy Life Habits”, is a so-called “Mindset Alchemist”. 

Mandy is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Teacher, accredited instructor of MBraining, Performance Coach, Wealth and Talent Dynamics Consultant. She is a knowledgeable person who shows individuals the 'how' to improve and equips them with strategies to develop new ways of thinking, attitudes, and activities that lead to their outcomes.

She works on removing repetitive and secret trends, shifting attitudes, and creating new, healthy habits and behavior, and empowering people to overcome their hurdles. 

Joelee Searle

Joelee is a Certified Nutritionist who graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Sunshine Coast University. She relocated to the Sunshine Coast after years of working in the health sector and travelling abroad to form a family to pursue her love of food and a healthier way of life. 

She helps you make positive changes in order to reach your fitness through friendliness, understanding, and support. Her belief is that healthy eating does not have to be complicated or unpleasant and that diet benefits you but also those around you, with the right support and knowledge. 

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Vanessa Lamaro Naturopath, Hormone and Fertility Coach