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Vara Maranda

Servicing area

Sydney -

Focus areas

Well-being Sinus Nervous system Stress management Facial Pregnancy support


Relax and alleviate stress by having a facial, massage or energetic healing session.

  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Remedial massage
  • Energetic healing
  • Facials- organic / all skin types
  • Teacher/trainer in Energetic Lymph Therapy & Aromatherapy
  • Teacher/ trainer registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society - no 5190
    Registered with the Energetic Healing Association
  • Workshops running in 2017- 29, OCTOBER 2017
    TRAINER/TEACHER- 20 years experience at Nature Care College, NSW



MOBILE - 0407 66 8800
Email -
Wednesdays 10.00 to 5.00
Thursdays 10.00 to 5.00 Gladesville- Be Well Health Centre
-10.00 to 5.00 Gladesville
Saturday's 9.00 to 3.00.Gladesville

After Hours By appointment only

24 hrs notice for all cancellations

(Only organic oils and natural products used)

DO YOU SUFFER from any of the following SYMPTOMS?
  • lack of Energy
  • fluid retention - no matter how hard you diet
  • Swollen gut- feeling bloated
  • Swelling in legs, arms, feet, hands
  • headaches, sinus
  • Allergies

These are all symptoms of Lymphatic congestion.

What is Lymphatic system?
  • The lymphatic system is the network of small vessels and lymph nodes that collects approximately 90% of the " waste" body fluids and returns it to the bloodstream.
  • When the nodes and tissues become congested, it can result in Chronic health symptoms and conditions. (mentioned above)

The Energetic Lymph Therapy treatments can help you!

How long is a treatment?

1 hour

For chronic conditions

4 regular treatments are recommended for maximum results.

Results can be immediate for some clients!

29 OCTOBER, 2017

Energetic Lymph therapy is a vibrational modality that uses a Quartz wand in a specific rhythmic sequence around the body. It directly interacts with the subtle body, and physiologically e.g., Lymphatic, circulatory, nervous systems and energetic systems (Biophotons).

This modality is very gentle and nurturing and is compatible with all complimentary therapies e.g., naturopathy, massage, nutrition, Reiki, Dowsing, and many more.

Anectodal evidence shows that it can:
  • Improve energy levels
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Balances Chakra system
  • Improves Lymph flow
  • Decongests legs/feet/gut
  • Decreases Post operative swelling
  • Enhances wellbeing
  • Eliminates negative energy


Takes 1 hour
Recommend at least 3 sessions in regular intervals for maxim results.
Some clients have one session for relaxation.

Module 1 --OCTOBER 29, 2017
contact VARA for further information mobile 0407 66 8800

Venue: 1/259 Victoria Road,
Gladesville -NSW
Date 29 October, 2017
9.30 to 3.30
Cost: $170

(payment prior to course)
**Please bring towels, pen, paper and lunch.
**Parking on street and public transport available.
**Certificate of attainment on completion of both Modules
**No prerequisites are required for this course.

Everyone is Welcome


I am writing this message to thank Vara Maranda how grateful and appreciative for all that she is. I have ongoing training with Vara with the Aromatherapy, and I have also completed the Energetic Lymph Therapy Course with her last year. Her knowledge, experience, her amazing personality and great sense of humour, patience makes the course so enjoyable. Her vast knowledge and experience in all areas of holistic health therapies, day spa's and education/training is rare to find.

Any other practitioner or therapists who is considering embarking on this journey to expand their business with new treatments, I strongly recommend learning Energetic Lymph Therapy.
My clients have all seen a result with their health and well being. It is a safe, gentle energetic treatment with positive results.

Warmest regards

Sevil Rowland - Shakinah Spa Director

"For those who are looking to offer their clients an energetic healing technique that works wholisticaly and gives immediate results and relaxation.

Before embarking on learning Parts1 & 2 of Energetic Lymph Therapy with Vara Maranda, I wanted to see what this process would feel like and just how it would work on a client. Well after completing 3 sessions I was well and truly hooked and could't wait to be able to give others this wonderful and health improving treatment.

I have now finished part 2 of my Energetic Lymph Therapy course with Vara Maranda, her 19 years of experience in teaching new modalities really shines through. Her friendly, energetic and light humoured way of teaching really gets you fired up to want to go out and do this yourself.

I can highly recommnend if you want to make a positive difference to your friends, family, client health in a safe, gentle,supportive, loving, encouraging manner then this is the course for you. "
Best regards,

Helen Sirr

For all enquires please contact VARA MARANDA mobile: 0407 66 8800
Email -

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