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Vasudeva Kriya Yoga is Kriya, Pranayama and Mantra combined into a Single Formula.

Vasudeva Kriya Yoga

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The founder of the Vasudeva Kriya Yoga, Shri. Rajendra Yenkannamoole hails from a small village Yenkannamoole located in the border of Karnataka and Kerala in South India. He has Master degrees in Chemical Engineering as well as Business Administration. He began his yoga practice at the tender age of 10 years under the guidance of Sri Yogeeshwar in Bangalore. Under the guidance of his Guru Paramahansa Swami Maheshwaranandji, Rajendra further enhanced his understanding of Yoga.

Rajendra started teaching yoga in Melbourne in 2004 at the behest of Swami Ramaswarupanandaji. Rajendra believes that the acquired knowledge has to be passed onto others for the benefit of the society. With this in view, he has been conducting yoga classes in various locations in Melbourne. On a regular basis he also conducts yoga classes and seminars in various schools and villages across India. As a rehabilitation program he also conducts classes in Bangalore prison. Hundreds of people who have attended the classes have benefitted physically, mentally, intellectually and spiritually and have noticed a significant improvement in their day-day lives.

Vasudeva Kriya Yoga classes have been designed to accommodate any aspirant irrespective of their age, gender, physical ability and religion.