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Venus Escapes

Venus Escapes

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welcome to venus escapes, a unique relaxation & getaway escape for adults.

Venus Escapes

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Venus Bay

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Relaxation Energy work Stress management Nervous system Love Facial

Venus Escapes is the stunning transformation of Venus Bay Getaways: a place to escape mundane repetition and awaken your senses. Just 2 hours from Melbourne and only 300 metres from a luscious stretch of stunning South Gippsland beach, Venus Escapes offers indulgence through extensive day spa services, holistic therapies, deluxe accommodation, cooked dinners & breakfasts and stunning nature just at our doorstep. Spoil yourself, reconnect with your soul and leave the world of stress behind. Come and peek into our enchanting world…

About Us
an indulgent and deeply connected experience to invigorate your soul.

With over 20 years of experience in the wellness industry, we have understood that people who lead stressful, hectic and repetitive lives need something completely different to reconnect with what is truly important. When the conditions are right: the moment, the place, the sounds, the smells, the feeling… amazing experiences and transformations are possible. At Venus Escapes, we have created a destination to dissolve tension and help you celebrate life and love, and a love of life!

we offer

the lily & the goddess of love Venus was born from the sea. When she first rose from the waves and foam, her eyes fell upon a lily, so beautiful that she was filled with envy and believed the flower to rival her own beauty. Her curse on the lily caused a large pistil to spring from the lily's centre in an attempt to spoil the flower's perfection. Just as Venus' curse was unable to spoil the beauty of the flower, no other was able to surpass her own beauty, for Venus is the very meaning of beauty within all and the symbol of love and desire experienced in those unforgettable magical moments in life when all else fades into insignificance.

Day Spa
your escape takes a higher form with our range of day spa & holistic therapie

Alongside our quality accommodation we also offer our guests and the general public an exotic range of day spa and holistic therapies. Our aim is to guide the balance of body, mind and soul. Through a range of indulgent experiences we offer physical and metaphysical rejuvenation and healing. From OrganicSpa facials, massage, salt scrubs, body wraps, hydrotherapy spa, infrared sauna and soothing aromatherapy, to kinetic energy work, psychic balancing and emotional healing, we can provide specific options to reawaken the forgotten magical you.

day spa offers
  • Massage
    An excellent antidote for stress, massage stimulates while soothing, detoxifying the body and greatly increasing the blood’s oxygencarrying capacity. It balances the nervous system and enhances immunity by stimulating lymph flow—a natural defence system of the body. It improves energy levels and overall motivation, reducing your likelihood of injury and illness. A range of massage techniques are tailored to your needs at Venus Escapes; whether gentle relaxation or deep-tissue, you will relax, unwind, and feel your stress melt away.

  • Body Wraps'
    Body wraps are great treatments to cleanse your skin and can rid toxins or simply leave your skin as soft and smooth as silk. A typical wrap begins with exfoliation to rid the skin of dead, dry cells. A body mask made of various ingredients is then smoothed on, after which you are wrapped to keep warm for a period of time. The product is then rinsed off and the treatment usually ends with the application of lotion in a gentle massage to leave you fully hydrated and your skin glowing with natural vibrancy.

  • Facials
    Enriched with the finest quality certified organic ingredients and a therapeutic blends of extracts, OrganicSpa products are Venus Escapes’ recommendation and choice for its indulgent range of facials. The right mask for your skin type is applied and allowed to do it’s work and will bring a stunning glow back to your face and leave you feeling cleansed, awakened and simply beautiful. When your face is glowing, you are glowing, and it shows.

  • Holistic
    When your spirit is in pain, your body, relationships, self-esteem, motivation and happiness will also suffer. The life energy which is shared by all living things can be read and guided towards healing. Opportunities to grow and change will keep presenting themselves until we all take the empowering initiative to change and free ourselves from the hurt from the past. There is never a better time to address and heal life issues than right now with Venus Escapes’ range of holistic treatments.

  • Water & Heat
    Hydrotherapy draws from the healing properties of water for relaxation, pain-relief and illness treatment. Water has been long utilised to soothe and heal by most ancient cultures including the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and most indigenous peoples from around the globe. Saunas have also been used since ancient times drawing from the natural healing properties of heat. Venus Escapes provides access to both a hot tub and infrared sauna and also encourages experiencing the raw power of the sea—just a short stroll from the base.

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