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Vesna Ilic Naturopath

Vesna Ilic

Wolli Creek NSW 2205

Vesna is a caring and committed naturopath who is passionate about helping her clients achieve optimal health. 

Vesna Ilic Naturopath

Vesna is a respected naturopath who specialises in women’s health and fertility, thyroid conditions, mood imbalances and digestive health.

Vesna takes the time to understand each patient’s unique health concerns and all patients undergo a comprehensive health review. She incorporates a variety of screening, functional pathology and genetic testing to explore patients' health and identify the root cause of disease. 

She provides evidence-based naturopathic treatments including nutritional and herbal medicine as well as advising on lifestyle modifications to improve the patient’s health and wellbeing.  

Vesna is passionate about providing the highest quality natural health care. She delivers a warm, practical approach, mixed with a strong emphasis on education and patient responsibility to inspire patients to be proactive in achieving and maintaining optimal health.

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Adv Dip Nat

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Vesna Ilic Naturopath