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Victoria Cochrane

Victoria Cochrane - Psychic Communicator and Spiritual Healer

120 Goldie St Wynyard TAS 7325

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Let Your Spirit Heal Your Mind & Body: Learn how spiritual healing can empower you to heal your mind and body

Spiritual Healing Services

Servicing area

Wynyard, Tasmania but available online

Focus areas

Purpose Negative emotions Face reading Emotions Readings Love

What Does Spiritual Healing Entail?

You have to know that each and every single one of us is on a spiritual journey. You will be the one to decide how far you will go in this personal travel. Most times, each one of us just needs a little bit of help at different stages of our journey. This is what I am here for. I am here to help you traverse the path towards your ultimate goal of healing.

My primary objective is to assist you in raising your vibrations as well as those people around to so you can all move into an ascended state of consciousness. My goal is also to empower you to awaken or develop your own spiritual and psychic abilities. You can do this by joining the developmental courses that I run in NW Tasmania. You can also join one-on-one sessions either in person or over Skype.  

You can gain my assistance in helping you become ready to start exploring your innate spiritual abilities as well as continue or enhance your spiritual connections. You can do this by taking part in spiritual and personal mentoring, tutoring, and coaching. By joining me, you will discover the different ways for you to step into your psychic gifts.

You can also gain energy protection, an introduction to different guides, as well as various meditation techniques to help you on your spiritual journey.

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