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Victoria Eftekhari

Victoria and Serina Hair, Health and Beauty Clinic

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Victoria is highly qualified in skin, hair, health & beauty. Trained in France, UK, USA and Australia with over 30yrs experience. She is a specialised practioner in the following modality; Skin & Beauty Therapy, Cosmetology, Electrology, Colour Analysis, Cosmetic Tattoo Practitioner, Hairdresser, Makeup Artistry & Nail Therapy. She is also a Healer, Naturopath, Homeopath, Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist, Polarity Therapist, Reflexologist, Kinesiologist, Iridologist, Nutritionist, Biomesotherapist & Acupuncturist. Relax & enjoy totally unique & professional services using the latest techniques & equipment in a true holistic clinic.

Victoria and Serina Hair, Health and Beauty Clinic

Servicing area

Keiraville, New South Wales

Focus areas

Sinus Energetics Skin care Makeup Breakdown Skin problems

Make-up Forever - cosmetic tattooing treatments are for people who may have experienced the following:
  • Over plucked eyebrows,
  • Gaps or scars where the hairs have not grown back,
  • Poorly defined lip shape or eneven lips,
  • Lips that have lost their shape as a result of cold sores/injury or,
  • Lips with the natural pigment faded
  • Have difficulty in applying make up
  • Have pale eyes and need definition and would you like to wear eyeliner permanently.

Deep Cleansing Luxury Facial or Treatment Facial - revitalising and refreshing, no breakouts or reactions with specific natural products, result is silky and fresh looking skin. Using Matis & Heliabrine skin care products.

Fruit Acid Peel & Chemical Peel for correction of fine wrinkles, freckles, pigmentation, acne, scars, deep wrinkles and sun-damaged skin.

Eye Treatment -to treat puffy eyes, over tired eyes and dark circles. It also helps improve the appearance of fine lines around the eyes.

Diathermy or Thermolysis - to treat broken capillaries, moles, warts, skin tags, milia or white spots, spider veins, red veins, red spots, and derma fibroma.

Electrolysis - permanent hair removal achieved with regular treatments. Tweezer electrolysis is painless and markless with the blend electrolysis method, which is a safe and effective technique.

Waxing (strip & hard wax) - Using high quality wax & the most effective and hygienic method that ultimately results in smooth silky skin.

Professional Colour Analysis - learn how to choose the correct colours for hair, make-up, clothing and accessories.

Hair Treatment - for hair loss and scalp problems.

Galvanic Facial - cleans and improves the supply of nutrients to the skin cells for a healthier complexion.

Oxygen Facial - pure oxygen with vitamins and minerals to nourish and revitalize the skin cells and strengthen the collagen and elastin fibres.

Non-Surgical Face Lift with Ultra Visage - an effective and soothing treatment sensation with visible results. Shortens and relaxes fibers whilst promoting the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibers.

Hand & Footcare - manicure and pedicure. Hand & foot treatment (scrub, & massage) to revitalize and moisturize tired hands and feet.

IPL & RF Treatments - Look and feel younger without the need for painful injections or drastic surgury with non-invasive, easy and safe IPL and RF treatments that are clinically proven to:
  • Reduce unwanted hair growth
  • Regenerate collagen, elasticity and other proteins that smooth, tone, firm and tighten ageing and sagging skin.
  • Reduce the appearence of blemishes, freckles, pigmentation, roscea and scars

Comprehensive Natrupathy Consultation - full range of information about the location and causes of ill health using Nutri energetics system and Voice Bio system analysis.

Weight Loss - lose unwanted kilos & inches naturally, stay fit & healthy with natural way products and slimming program.

Cellulite & Body Toning - with Dynatone and the G5 machine: both massage units, which stimulates mechanically & electrically to breakdown fatty deposits & congestion of fluids to achieve muscle tone.

Vibrosaun - latest technology in massage machines. Helps arthritis, tiredness, stress, insomnia, high blood pressure, muscular aches, muscle-tone, and burn up fat cells, equivalent to a 2km brisk walk or jog.

Body Spa - recharges every cell in the body (involves spa, exfoliation, body mask and hydrotherapy with a vichy shower).

Aromatherapy - using therapeutic essential oils for well being of the body & mind, one of the most primitive forms of medicine.

Polarity therapy - a technique to balance body’s vital energy with the flow of electromagnetic energy.

Kinesiology - is a system where specific muscles are tested, blockages, and tension are released to promote the body’s natural healing process.

Reflexology - aim to treat illnesses with foot massage on the reflex points that correspond to every part of the body.

Colour Therapy -colours interact with the human energy system in a unique way to stabilize physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions.

Therapeutic Massage - The use of touch for total relaxation with different massage techniques to prevent ill health.

Chakra Balancing - balance the 7 energy centers of etheric body.

Ear Candle Therapy - for relief of pain & pressure in outer & middle ear & sinus area by cleansing earwax, toxins & infections.

Spiritual Healing - the laying on of hands, an energy medicine that heals the body, mind & spirit.

Crystal Healing - a therapeutic treatment using different crystals.


Courses in the following subjects are available for study both throughout Australia and internationally. Training is done on a one to one basis.

  • Update your knowledge
  • Learn the latest techniques
  • Gain the best results on skin problems
  • Skin analysis
  • European skin care techniques
  • Operating different equipments
  • Different exfoliation techniques
  • Acne & scar treatments
  • Men's skin care
  • Body services or SPA
  • Aromatherapy in Beauty
  • Reflexology in Beauty
  • Polarity Therapy in Beauty
  • Kinesiology in Beauty
  • Colour Therapy
  • Ear Candle Therapy
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Updated Waxing techniques
  • All occasion makeup
  • Permanent makeup (Cosmetic tattoo)
  • Electrolysis & blending electrolysis
  • Diathermy (milia, broken capillaries,
  • spider veins moles, warts, skin tags)

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