Victorian EFT Practitioners Network

“Creating a friendly and supportive networking environment for Victorian EFT Practitioners”

Victorian EFT Practitioners Network

VEPN is a network of EFT users and professionals who meet on the third Saturday of each month in the Melbourne suburb of Glen Waverley.

VEPN offers its members:
  • Support and encouragement in the use and development of EFT
  • A forum for discussing, sharing and exchanging specialist EFT information, expertise and knowledge
  • An opportunity to share books videos and resources related to EFT
  • A friendly and invaluable way to be connected to activities and developments in the field of EFT
  • Professional networking and development events and forums
Membership to VEPN is open to anyone residing in Victoria who:
  • is an avid user of EFT with clients friends or family
  • and/or is working towards becoming an EFT practitioner
  • uses EFT in their professional practice/occupation (eg. counsellor, psychologist, teacher, doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, massage therapist etc)
VEPN membership includes:
  • Attendance at monthly meetings
  • Participation in the email based EFT google group
  • Opportunity to list workshops and practice details on the website.

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