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Your Eyes Reveal Your Health and your body's ability to recuperate from illness.  Iridology can detect organ weaknesses and disease tendencies.


Servicing area

Balmain, Sydney - Inner West

Focus areas

Body composition Herbalist Hormones Indigestion Headaches Circulation

Your eye reveals the health of your body and its ability to recuperate from illness.

It reflects inherited disease tendencies, the way in which your organs are functioning, and even emotional states.

Iridology is the study of health by examining the colour and markings of the eye, the iris.

It reveals disease tendencies, overactivity and underactivity of specific organs and inflammation. It can be used to determine potential health problems and early signs of chronic illness so these can be treated before developing into an unmanageable condition.

Iridology can identify underlying causes to a presenting condition. Even though a prevailing condition may affect a particular part of the body, toxic settlements or disturbed function of other organs may be responsible. This gives a more complete picture of the state of your health and clarifies the way you should be treated.

During an iridology session, your eyes will be photographed and transferred to a computer screen where the markings and structures will be analysed. You are then able to view the enlarged image of your eyes and have the significance of these markings explained.

Lynne Goldstein at View to Health explains the insights iridology provides into inherited strengths and weaknesses, thereby giving you the opportunity to make the necessary lifestyle choices to optimise your health prospects.

You will be told which unique constitutional type you are and you will be given information on which foods and treatments are best for you.

Iridology can elucidate:

  • Digestive efficiency and nutritional needs
  • Metabolic disturbances
  • The influence of one organ on another part of the body
  • Psychological factors including past trauma
  • Toxicity levels

Because the iris reflects the present state of the body, the progression of a disease can be monitored.



Naturopathy, Nutrition, Iridology, Weight Loss, Pathology Tests

Naturopathy Weight Loss Women's Health Dietitian Iridology Allergy Testing / Treatments Natural Fertility Management
$195 Per hour

We specialise in all digestive and gut conditions, fatigue, skin problems, anxiety, weight issues, allergy & hormone testing.


  • Bachelor Of Science (university Of Sydney)
  • Post-graduate Diploma Of Nutrition & Dietetics (university Of Sydney)
  • Master Of Science In Biochemistry (unsw)
  • Post-graduate Diploma Of Clinical Nutrition (international Academy Of Nutrition)
  • Diploma Of Nutrition (nsw College Of Natural Therapies)
  • Advanced Diploma Of Herbal Medicine (Southern Cross Herbal School)
  • Diploma Of Ayurvedic Herbology (southern Cross Herbal School)
  • Advanced Diploma Of Iridology (college Of Iris)
  • Diploma Of Naturopathy (southern Cross Herbal School)

Professional Membership

  • ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society
  • NHAA - Naturopaths & Herbalists Association Of Australia

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